Coming into the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins still had some gaps to fill. They were able to add three more players in the round to continue balancing out the team’s effort to rebuild. 

Dolphins Trade For 49ers RB Matt Breida

While on the clock with the No. 153 overall pick, and Miami’s first pick of the round, the “ding-ding-ding” noise broke through the screen announcing a trade.

The Dolphins traded the pick away to the San Francisco 49ers in return for 25-year-old running back Matt Breida

General Manager Chris Grier and head coach Brain Flores had yet to add a fresh back from this year’s class despite it being one of the biggest problems the Dolphins dealt with throughout last season. Miami finished last in rushing, averaging only 72 rushing yards per game in 2019. 

Young Back Makes Most of What He Has

Breida, in his three seasons out in California, made his impact with various running styles for the 49ers. He racked up 1,902 rushing yards on 381 carries, paired with six rushing touchdowns. He averaged five yards per carry for the 49ers and his longest run of his career went for 83 yards last season. 

It’s important to remember that Breida’s three-year statistics came with him missing multiple games per season with injuries AND him sharing time with fellow team backs Raheem Mostert, Tevin Coleman, Jeff Wilson and others.

Breida will be able to bring veteran experience to a team that lacked the experience in 2019. With a new team, he has a crisp new opportunity to be part of a rebuilding project and see more carries.

Miami Adds Two More Defensive Players

Next, with the 154th pick in the draft, Miami chose defensive end Jason Strowbridge from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This was the first of two defensive players chosen by the Dolphins in round five.

Strowbridge came into the draft as a player that had teams wondering if he could actually play the part. His short arms seemed to be the biggest question, as well as his size. On top of needing to be more lean for his position, his speed was found to be below average for an end as well.

Despite Clear Weaknesses, Strowbridge on Path to Soar

Strowbridge showed that he possessed upper-body strength in some situations however, and that he can be a good interior pass rusher. He showed that he can follow where the ball is going and can get past blockers as a run defender effectively too.

Being another questionable addition to the roster because of his physical attributes, Strowbridge will have to work to show his worth if he wants to make Miami’s 53-man roster and compete in the NFL. 

Dolphins Trade Two Picks For No. 164 Overall

The Dolphins moved up into the No. 164 overall pick after trading their No. 173 and No. 227 picks to the Philadelphia Eagles. With their third and final pick in the round, Miami selected outside linebacker Curtis Weaver from Boise State University.

Weaver came into the draft not having the best quickness off his first-step, however. His closing speed also needs work, but he has shown in his time as a Bronco that he’s a strong fighter and can move inside well. 

He has proven to be a problem for opposing teams as a run-defender who can sneak through and make plays in the backfield while also containing blockers.

The lack of speed in certain situations kept him from being drafted higher, no doubt. Weaver will have to improve in those aspects if he wants to be a consistent starter for the Dolphins. Practice and training camp can turn that around and help his effectiveness on the field in the upcoming seasons.

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