Howie Roseman made it known early that he wanted speed, and he sure got it with this pick. With the 168th pick, Philadelphia took Boise State receiver John Hightower, a guy with solid size and lots of speed. He’s got a great ability to create separation and go after deep balls that not many others have. Although not projected to be an immediate starter year one, this pick goes to show the kind of team Howie’s trying to build.

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What’s to Expect from Hightower?

As I said, Hightower probably won’t start year one as he’s slated to be behind DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery, and Jalen Reagor. However, a couple of years down the road, this guy can be a solid contributor. He’s got many physical attributes that will help him succeed at the NFL level, including breakaway speed, quick change of direction, and the ability to pick the ball out of the air. Although not projected to be much more than a special teamer year one, watch for Hightower’s name in years to come. In Doug Pederson’s system with Carson Wentz throwing him the ball, he landed in the ideal place.

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