ESPN aired episodes three and four of “The Last Dance” chronically Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bull.

Making the case for who is the greatest in his or her profession is difficult enough, but tackling that task when comparing different lines of work is even more arduous.

Has anyone put forth debate of who is greater at their craft; Paul Hewson (a.k.a Bono), or Daniel-Day Lewis?


With plenty of time to spare, I am ready, willing, and able to accept the mother of all debates. Simply put, who has had a better professional career: Tom Brady or Michael Jordan?

Comparing all of their accomplishments would take us days, if not weeks to list. But as The Rolling Stones sang, “Time, time, time is on my side, yes it is.”

Both have won six championships. Jordan was Finals’ MVP all six times he played in the Finals. Brady has won four Super Bowl MVPs.

Jordan has five regular-season league MVPs to Brady’s three.

Only a fool would deduct that Jordan’s 6-0 Finals’ record is better than Brady’s 6-3 Super Bowl record. Going to a Championship Finals or Super Bowl and losing is a greater accomplishment than being eliminated in an earlier round.

If you were an Olympian would you rather have six gold medals and three silver medals or “only” six golds? It should be an easy answer. Please forward the last two paragraphs to Ben Volin and Rob Parker.

In terms of sustained greatness, both Jordan and Brady are exceptional. Jordan retired for two years between his two three-peats, while Brady missed his ninth season with a knee injury.

Brady’s period of dominance is extraordinary. He won his first title in February 2002. His sixth came 16 years later. Going into his 21st season, and his first with Tampa Bay, Brady has Buccaneers fans talking about a hometown Super Bowl.

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Jordan’s title run was more condensed, with six titles in an eight-year period. Jordan became the best player in his sport before he won his first championship.

Brady already had three titles before he got into the discussion as the best quarterback in football. A position which is the most important and impactful position in all of professional team sports.

Amazingly, Jordan won 10 league scoring titles while at the same time being one of the very best defenders in the NBA.

And on and on and on we could go.

If you include the impact off the court and being a social icon, this discussion is moot. Jordan literally elevated his sport to unforeseen heights. Brady, while certainly the GOAT, only lifted a franchise, not his entire sport. But I want to limit this exercise to on the field/court accomplishments.

Football’s postseason is sudden death. Lose and you go home. Brady has a 30-11 postseason record. That is the equivalent of 30 game seven wins.

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The importance of his position and suddenness of his sport’s playoff structure give a slight edge to Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. His longevity is remarkable. If you split his career pre and post-knee surgery, Brady had two separate Hall of Fame careers.

How is this for endurance? The Buccaneers selected defensive back, Antoine Winfield Jr., in the second round of the recently concluded NFL Draft. His dad Antoine Winfield Sr. was a first-round pick of the Buffalo Bills in 1999 and is only 43 days older than Brady.

As we are glued to the riveting docuseries The Last Dance, it’s amazing that two years after Jordan won his last NBA title, the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL Draft would go on to cultivate a career that actually has superseded that of the Great Jordan.

Maybe Brady and Jordan can square off on the golf course to display their sociopathic competitiveness. As Kevin Garnett said, “Anything is possible.”

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