Brooks Kubena from on the two recent Redskins draft picks Charles and Moss

Brooks Kubena appeared on The Team 980 this morning with Doc Walker and Al Galdi to discuss left tackle Saahdiq Charles and tight end Thaddeus Moss.

Saahdiq Charles

Doc and Galdi did their best to get an answer as to why Saahdiq Charles was disciplined while at LSU. Unfortunately, Kubena was extremely cagey when giving responses. Here are the highlights:

  • Actual reasons for the suspension were kept behind the scenes
  • It wasn’t a situation where there wasn’t an arrest
  • Kubena spoke highly of Saahdiq from his encounters and LSU head coach Ed Orgeron has spoken highly of him
  • When asked if Charles is a leader or follower, Kubena said that he wasn’t sure if he is the right guy to come on the air and evaluate the suspension
  • Kubena said that Charles admitted and took ownership of “bone-headed” mistakes and learned accountability from the situation
  • Charles has first round talent, and had he come back to LSU in 2020, he would have be drafted as such


It was a frustrating interview to listen to at no fault of Doc and Galdi’s. They did everything they could to get answers out of Kubena. However, there was enough to sift through. What I learned is that Saahdiq learned from his mistakes and likely is one that teenagers tend to make. As I had mentioned on Twitter right after he was picked, this is the perfect situation for Charles to be in. The structure that Doug Williams and Ron Rivera will have in place will be critical to the personal and professional growth of Charles. He will eventually be the starting left tackle of the Washington Redskins and can be a great example to other young guys that come int he league after him. The sky truly is the limit.

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Thaddeus Moss

Once the discussion about Charles wrapped up, the interviewed turned to another LSU rookie that had just been signed by the Redskins as an undrafted free agent, Thaddeus Moss. Here is a little bit of what Kubena talked about:

  • Surprised to see Moss go undrafted, but depth at wide receiver and other positions seemed to be what led to the drop
  • Only having one full season of tape wasn’t a big enough sample size to really gauge his ceiling
  • If you are going to use Moss he should be used in what we are seeing with the spread and tight end going into the slot, that’s where he thrives
  • Difficult to analyze being a blocker with a hand in the ground because that isn’t something you saw a lot at LSU
  • Randy (Thaddeus’s father) tried to stay away from the spotlight as much as possible and didn’t ever really show up at practice all the time. When you did see Randy, he was in the stands cheering Thaddeus on


Thaddeus has some work to do to make the 53-man roster out of camp. He’s smart, as the athletic ability, but there is little film and with what could be a very short preseason, it will make it that much harder. What is working in his favor is that the depth on the Redskins at tight end is thinner then paper thin. Rivera and offensive coordinator should also not have to worry about Randy coming around and making problems where there shouldn’t be unlike some dads of past players for the Redskins. I would expect Moss to make the practice squad at minimum and potentially see some playing time as the season progresses.

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