Over the years, many fitness trends have come and gone. Players in the fitness sector manipulated these trends to fit their objectives. We have seen companies shape consumer beliefs about what is healthy. 

But with the availability of the internet and social media, many people are coming out to discredit such companies. In 2020 we are likely to witness more fitness trends that show a drifting in thought patterns. Read on to gain knowledge of the top fitness trends in 2020 that you can try. 

Fitness Hubs

In 2020, you will see more health professionals working together. As a result, you will not need to visit several places to stay healthy. For instance, you will not have to hit the gym and then move to another location to see your nutritionist and doctor. 

You should expect to see more trainers, dieticians, physical therapists, and doctors under one roof working together. It will less demanding for you to achieve your goals under these circumstances. 

Wellness On-The-Go

There is a rising demand for wellness on-the-go. In 2020 you will have more opportunities available on your smartphone. So, if it was difficult for you to squeeze in workouts while on the road, it will be easier in 2020. 

With our lifestyles becoming increasingly busy, there is a demand for people to have their workout sessions on their smartphones. Having the workouts on your phone makes it easy for you to work out consistently regardless of where you are. 

Also, digital platforms make fitness more economical and reachable. You can access top trainers on apps at a price that is less than that of one physical class. 

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Community–Driven Fitness

When you have a community that shares the same fitness goals with you around you, it becomes easier for you to follow your workout schedule strictly. In 2020, you will see more people working out together.

Our busy schedules will push us to seek connections with other people through these work out sessions. With the internet and social media, it is easy to stay in touch with others through social media challenges and live-streamed classes on fitness apps. 

Intuitive Fitness

Intuitive fitness shares the same concept as intuitive eating. With intuitive eating, you listen to your body and eat what you crave when you are hungry until you feel satisfied. 

You will see more people conscious of their health, practicing intuitive fitness in 2020. With intuitive fitness, you don’t have to beat yourself up when you don’t go to the gym when expected. 

There are moments you don’t feel like hitting the gym because of a long and draining day. If you are applying intuitive fitness, you listen to your body. 

Listening to your body ensures that you prepare your body to exercise. Intuitive fitness affects the exercise you will do. For instance, your body is yearning for invigorating yoga poses rather than the more challenging HIT training. 

Intuitive fitness will also dictate the duration of the workout. When applying intuitive fitness, you stop exercising when you feel like instead of pushing yourself to achieve a set goal. 

Mental Health Gyms

There has been a concern over mental well-being leading to increased mental awareness campaigns. In 2020, expect to see this phenomenon becoming increasingly prominent. You will see more mental gyms coming up. 

In the mental gyms, you can access therapeutic treatments. The recuperative treatments include health classes, hypnotherapy, counseling, sleep seminars, and mindfulness meditation gatherings. 


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