Going into his second year as head coach for the Miami Dolphins, Brian Flores just pulled off one of the biggest smoke-screens in Miami’s history during the 2020 NFL Draft. 

Now, he must look at the team’s rostered quarterbacks and decide who’s the best option to lead the team to begin 2020. 

After drafting what many Dolfans faithful are hoping is the franchise QB in Tua Tagovailoa, there are a few other names in the mix that will shake up the depth chart for the final 55-man roster. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick (1)

Fitzpatrick signed a two-year contract on March 18th, 2019 worth $11 million dollars. The veteran can provide mentorship for all other QBs on the roster on and off the field. Miami likely planned for Fitzpatrick to tailor a young guy making the transition from college to the pros with the multi-year deal. With the Dolphins in rebuild mode, and Fitzpatrick onto his eighth NFL team, there aren’t many reasons for a multi-year deal.  

Fitzpatrick started 13 of 15 games he played in and won the starting job over now-backup Josh Rosen twice. He finished with 3,529 passing yards, 20 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in the passing game in 2019. He was also the team’s leading rusher with 243 yards and four rushing scores. Fitzpatrick will likely end up as the starting QB for week one barring any offseason or preseason woes.

Tua Tagovailoa (2)

Tagovailoa is coming off a rough stretch of his playing career. He has been recovering from hip surgery after suffering that injury in his final game with the University of Alabama. In the win over Mississippi State, he also broke his nose and suffered a concussion in the mid-November game.

With recoveries going well, the Dolphins drafted Tagovailoa with the No. 5 overall pick in this year’s draft. Heading into the draft, there was a lot of discussion on when Tagovailoa would be drafted based on his injury history and forgoing his senior season. However, Miami had many talks with the Alabama star and felt confident that he was their option for the future. 

Tagovailoa Held Own Pro Day to Raise Draft Stock

Tagovailoa’s virtual professional workout day on April 9th helped solidify the Dolphins’ feelings to make him a member of the organization. With the videos sent to every NFL team, Miami had to create a plan that allowed him to fall to them in spot No. 5 — and it worked. 

Tagovailoa finished his college career with 7,442 passing yards, 87 TDs and only 11 INTs. He also added nine rushing scores and 348 yards on the ground in three years. 

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The Dolphins’ smartest move they could make would be to allow Tagovailoa to sit a year in order to learn as much about the team as possible. His mentor will be strong and the transition for the young kid won’t hinder what could be a lengthy NFL career. 

With Rosen losing his starting job multiple times last season, and Miami drafting Tagovailoa with its top pick, the Dolphins have likely moved on from the two-year pro.

Josh Rosen (3)

With Rosen losing his starting job multiple times last season, and Miami drafting Tagovailoa with its top pick, the Dolphins have likely moved on from the two-year pro.

Rosen’s path in the NFL has not played out how he would’ve liked or imagined it to. He was a first-round pick to the Arizona Cardinals in 2018. After the team finished with the worst record that season, the Cardinals drafted Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray first overall in 2019. Rosen was dealt in a draft-day trade with Miami in exchange for a second-round pick. 

Rocky Road Doesn’t Get Better

He was named the starter for the team’s week three game at the Dallas Cowboys and remained the starter through week six. He was pulled in the week six game against the Washington Redskins after three quarters with the team on its way to lose for the third time in three tries under him.

With just 85 yards and two interceptions, Miami had an abysmal three points. Fitzpatrick came in and made the Dolphins do a complete 180-turn. He led Miami to within one point of the Redskins, but after going for the win instead of the tie, the team fell short again.  Fitzpatrick’s leadership cost him his starting role on the team for likely the last time as he will likely not get another opportunity again with the club. Rosen should serve as the No. 3 QB on the depth chart as insurance in 2020.

Jake Rudock, Odd Man Out

While nothing will be set in stone for some time, we do know there is likely an odd-man-out on the QB chain. QB Jake Rudock has jumped around from Miami’s active roster and practice squad, and has even been cut and re-signed, but will probably be cut for the final time before the 2020 season kicks off. Rudock was originally used in the insurance role, but the Dolphins won’t carry four QBs for the final 55-man roster.

Kayla Morton contributed to this article.

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