With the 2020 NFL draft in the rear view mirror, teams have already started to look ahead at possible roster moves. The Jets are no exception, as rumors have begun circulating about them moving on from former second-round draft pick Marcus Maye. Maye was a solid pick, but rather inconsistent at times. When the Jets drafted Ashtyn Davis, Maye’s future with the team became uncertain.

If it is true that New York wants to shop their old safety, it’s important to get a great value out of a trade. Douglas has proven that he wants the most out of every pick. Below are a collection of teams that Maye could find himself on before the start of the season.

San Francisco 49ers

Fresh off of a Superbowl run, San Francisco is a team that can afford to ship off picks for young talent. With a relatively young team, proven talent could be worth more to them than grooming talent. The Jets could find themselves getting quite a valuable haul back from the 49ers, should Marcus Maye head out west.

Houston Texans

The Texans had their weak secondary put on display in last year’s AFC Divisional Round. Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes decimated the defense when coming back from a 24-0 deficit. That, coupled with Bill O’Brien seemingly willing to trade anything that moves, makes for a prime target. Maye comes with no character concerns, which is perfect for the culture O’Brien wants to build. This could who New York wants to trade with the most, as O’Brien is infamous for overpaying and underselling his players and picks.

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Jacksonville Jaguars
This would be a unique situation in terms of these trade talks. Marcus Maye wouldn’t be the focus of this particular trade, but Yannick Ngakoue. Ngakoue already voiced his displeasure with the Jaguars organization. The Jets desperately need a pass-rushing talent. If this trade is to happen, the Jets would likely need to sweeten the deal. The good news for New York, however, is that they have all the leverage in this trade. Ngakoue has made it clear that he will not take another snap in a Jaguars uniform.
Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are another team that need some help in the secondary. This could be a perfect situation for Las Vegas as well. Johnathan Abram was set to be a star player in the Raiders’ defense last year before an injury prevented him from taking a snap. Should he live up to his hype, a pairing of Abram and Maye could make Jon Gruden a very happy coach.

Dallas Cowboys 

Perhaps the talks of a trade involving Dallas and New York concerning a safety could finally come to an end. That safety wouldn’t be Jamal Adams, but Marcus Maye. The Cowboys addressed some of their needs by drafting Xavier McKinney in the second round. Again, pairing Maye with some young talent could help the Cowboys get over their 8-8 hump.

Regardless of destination, it seems that the Jets are ready to move on from Marcus Maye. If he is traded, it would be another Mike Maccagnan pick that Joe Douglas seemingly wants to put some distance between. Douglas is ushering in a new era of football in New York. It’s clear he has a plan to build the Jets up. It will become clear within the next few days if Marcus Maye is a part of those plans.

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