Whenever the Las Vegas Raiders convene training camp, they will actually contend with a problem that they’ve not faced in a while. In an era of wide-open passing attacks, teams will attempt to find three or four quality receivers to scare defenses, taking advantage of subpackage mismatches along the way. The Raiders, through their receivers, will give defenses the business. The key question remains: Who suits up for the Las Vegas Raiders at receiver?

Ones to Watch

Henry Ruggs III

In a world where many thought Jon Gruden would pursue the route craftsman in Jerry Jeudy, Gruden threw a surprise in the works. While Ruggs possesses phenomenal long speed, that is not the main reason why he makes sense as the lead wideout. Last year, the Raiders traded for Antonio Brown. In Gruden’s mind, Brown, pre-freakout, would provide the entire route tree with the ability to break long gains from short routes. You know how the Brown saga ended. Although Ruggs does not quite enjoy the same route acumen yet, he will work to gain a semblance of what the Raiders want.

Tyrell Williams

During his first season with the Raiders started well, scoring a touchdown in his first four games. After suffering through plantar fasciitis, Williams scored twice over the last twelve games. More importantly, he dropped five passes, including a couple of drive-killers that did nothing to help. In 2020, the Raiders look forward to a healthy Williams. If not…

Bryan Edwards

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Although suffered a knee injury that ended his career in Columbia early, his style of play will make him a favorite target. Edwards embraces the contact and power aspect of running for a receiver. He will sniff out a corner and attempt to ragdoll their soul from their body. In the red zone, Edwards will attempt to body corners. yet, he isn’t just a brute. All over the field, Edwards’ combination of reach and route knowledge could eventually Tyrell Williams.

The Fight for Fifth

Now, we all know that Hunter Renfrow will occupy and thrive in the slot, the question of who will win the fifth and probably final spot remains. Now, the battle inevitably boils down to Nelson Agholor and Zay Jones. The battle appears closer and more competitive than many would believe. While Agholor presents more of a vertical option, his hands betray him occasionally in clutch moments. Meanwhile, Jones struggles in gaining separation. Jon Gruden and WR coach Edgar Bennett must allow heavy reps to accurately decide who garners the final spot.

After hearing the excuse of Derek Carr lacking weapons with separation, the Las Vegas Raiders took matters in their own hands to remedy the situation. This offense should excel, allowing Carr to live up to the lofty goals and praises set forth.

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