Thursday was a celebration of sorts, as the NFL released its 2020-21 team schedules.

The Redskins play a familiar foe week 1, the Philadelphia Eagles, as the NFL decided to kick off opening weekend with contests against division rivals.

If this feels like deja vu, it’s justified. The ‘Skins played the Eagles in week 1 last year, as they relinquished a 17 point lead and ultimately fell to Gang Green. In fact, the Eagles have been a challenge for the burgundy and gold as of late. They have not beat the Eagles since 2016, or a span of six games.

(Courtesy of Redskins Public Relations)

The schedule consists of the NFC East playing it’s typical six divisional games as well as the AFC North and the NFC West.

Due to the Redskins placing fourth in the division last year, they play opponents of similiar standing in the remaining NFC divisions. Meaning, they play the Detroit Lions and the Carolina Panthers, who finished fourth in the NFC North and NFC South respectively.

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One thing that is unusual is that the Redskins do not have any prime-time games this season. Something they have repeatedly had over the last five seasons. In fact, the team typically is scheduled the league-max of four prime-time games over that span.

Quite possibly, the NFL may be showing the team mercy, due to their morbid prime-time showings. The team has been 2-15 on Monday Night Football, going back to 2008. It probably didn’t do the team any favors that they were 3-13 last year as well.

Highlights of this year’s schedule includes a “Battle of the Beltway” home game against the 14-2 Baltimore Ravens on October 4th, followed by Sean McVay’s homecoming the following week. The Los Angeles Rams come to Fed Ex Field on October 11th.

November 22nd provides an intriguing battle between the Bengals, which highlights the no.1 and no.2 picks in the draft with Joe Burrow versus Chase Young. Four days later, the team travels to “Jerry’s World” to take on the dreaded Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

Finally, shortly after Christmas, Ron Rivera takes on his former team, the Carolina Panthers on December 27th.

The schedule offers a lot of intrigue, and hopefully opportunity for the team. Is it September yet?

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