On paper, it would make sense for the Cleveland Browns to be interested in Larry Warford, but they should look elsewhere if they want to add a lineman.

A possible offensive line option came on the market as the New Orleans Saints cut veteran Pro Bowl guard Larry Warford Friday. The Saints attempted to find a trade partner but were unable to do so.

There is one position on the Cleveland Browns that could use an upgrade and that is the right guard position. Larry Warford has started 101 games at the positing since coming into the league in 2013. Cleveland’s current right guard situation is relatively unsettled. Cleveland has Wyatt Teller, but his presence should not prevent them from looking for an upgrade. On the surface this seems like a perfect match, it would be better for the Browns to look elsewhere.

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The problem with Warford is his fit with the offense that Cleveland will run. The reason why New Orleans moved on from Warford in favor of Cesar Ruiz was due to one thing and one thing only. Speed. Nick Underhill of NewOrleans.Football (subscription required) wrote an article detailing the difference in speed when it comes to Ruiz vs. Warford. With the Browns wanting to run an offense that requires offensive lineman to be able to move, the fit simply isn’t there.

While there are going to be fans who want to make a move for the sake of making a move, better look elsewhere. A signing on the defensive side of the ball would make a lot more sense at this point in time.

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