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The NFL released its 2020-21 team schedule late Thursday Night. And although all NFL games can be daunting, there are five games in particular that will give the Redskins trouble. 

These games pose problems for the Redskins for a variety of reasons, whether it would be the time of the year the game is played, or facing a familiar foe who is keen to all of your play-calling tendencies. Regardless, these are the games I deem “The Five Toughest Games” the Redskins will play this season. Disagree? Feel free to engage in some friendly banter on twitter. You can find me as Rod Murray, twitter handle @RodBB05.

Week 1 vs Philadelphia Eagles

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They say “the first step is always the hardest”, and that holds true for the season opener for the Washington Redskins. The team opens up against their division rival, the Philadelphia Eagles, for the second year in a row. With new Head Coach Ron Rivera, and Dwayne Haskins opening as the quarterback, they’ll both be looking to jump-start out the gates with a win.

Unfortunately, history will not be on their side. The Redskins have lost six straight against the Eagles. The Philly fan-base always does a great job of traveling and the Redskins will have to quiet the crowd quickly to keep the game from turning again. 

Week 4 vs Baltimore Ravens

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The “Battle of the Beltway” isn’t as built up as its MLB counterparts, but this year it could definitely provide some fireworks. The Ravens, led by their MVP QB Lamar Jackson, solidified every point of concern on their team this off-season and will be vying for another #1 seed in the AFC again this year.

With the acquisitions of DE Calias Campbell and drafting LB Patrick Queen, the Ravens will be stout against the run with athleticism on the back-end. Offensively, expect the #2 offense in 2019 to be as explosive as ever, with video-game type abilities from Jackson. 

Week 11 vs Cincinnati Bengals

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On paper, this game wouldn’t constitute as a tough game, but I do believe it will be THE “trap” game of the season. At this point of the season, the Bengals, led by rookie first overall draft pick Joe Burrow, will have had some seasoning. The added component of being a former Ohio State teammate of Dwayne Haskins and Chase young, will also add intrigue.

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Burrow will look to prove that Urban Meyer was wrong, and he was the better quarterback at Ohio State. With the Dallas Cowboys just days away on Thanksgiving, I could see the Redskins overlooking this game and getting a lot more than they can bargain for against the Bengals. 

Week 12 at Dallas Cowboys

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The Redskins play their only prime-time game for the 2020 season on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys. Given the current record for the Redskins-Cowboys Thanksgiving games (1-7), nobody could get mad if you happened to doze off during this midday game.

“Jerry’s World” will be loud on Thanksgiving, and coming off a short week against the Bengals, the Redskins must be mentally tough to stay in this game. Fingers crossed that the Dak Prescott situation results in a holdout. Andy Dalton may provide the relief all fans will want. 

Week 14 at San Francisco 49ers

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It’s hard to find a tough game on the back half of the season. They all present their problems for the Redskins, while having unique story-lines as well. With CB Quinton Dunbar in Seattle, Rivera’s old Panthers visiting Week 16, and ending the season against the Eagles, none of them compare with the reunion of LT Trent Williams.

The Trent Williams saga has been well documented over the last 18 months, and while the wounds may have healed by December, there may still be some resentment that Trent and company can’t wait to unleash on his former team. The defending NFC Champions defense will look slightly different with DT DeForest Buckner in Indianapolis, but they are still very dangerous and will be looking to close out a consecutive season with playoff aspirations.  

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