With the 2020 NFL Draft now in the past, fans can now analyze their favorite teams in more depth. One offensive position for the Miami Dolphins has gained more stability since the draft and could prove to be very beneficial in the team’s rebuild. 

The Dolphins have struggled in recent seasons at the tight end position, but the new added depth could possibly prove to be a difference maker for them as they look to become a playoff contender. 

Four of the five TEs the Dolphins have coming into the new season have all played at least one year in the league. Three of those four veteran TEs have played for three years. The TE position is relatively young but experienced at the same time. 

Mike Gesicki

Gesicki is a veteran entering his third year that has been utilized by the Dolphins each season. He has appeared in 32 games, managing 12 starts. 

In 2018 during his rookie year, Gesicki caught 22 passes for 202 receiving yards, averaging 9.2 yards per catch. Gesicki amped up his game during the 2019 season and was able to make a bigger impact for the Dolphin offense. He caught 51 passes for 570 receiving yards and five touchdowns. His five TDs last season make up his five career scores. 

Gesicki should get the most playing time for Miami again in 2020. He has had the most playing time on the roster and his improvements from 2018-19 show his progression. Gesicki will look to lead the rest of the tight ends as the starter for that position for years to come.

Durham Smythe and Michael Roberts

Smythe and Roberts will likely enter 2020 backing up Gesicki. They’re both entering their third seasons, but have been used more as linemen in their first two years than TE. Roberts and Smythe have acted more as lineman and blockers, but both continue to provide valuable minutes to the offensive line. 

Smythe on the other hand had a bigger impact on the team alongside Gesicki. He started in two of 15 games with the team in 2018. Smythe managed to catch six passes for 50 yards averaging 8.3 yards per catch. While he didn’t catch many more passes in his second year, he did manage to start in 14 games for the Dolphins. During those appearances he caught seven passes for 65 yards with an average of 9.3 yards per catch. Smythe is utilized more for blocking, but has shown moments of promise when it comes to being the target of different plays. 

Roberts found a way to make his mark with the Detroit Lions during his two years with the franchise and limited minutes. In 2017, Roberts was on the receiving end of four passes for 46 yards and zero touchdowns. In 2018, Roberts was on the receiving end of nine passes for 100 yards and three touchdowns with the organization. 

Chris Myarick

Myarick is a returning player that joined the team in 2019. While his name was included on the roster, he did not appear in a game for the team during the season. According to CBSports.com, Myarick was able to get some playing time with the team during the preseason last year, but was not able to secure a spot on the team during the regular season, in turn being on the practice squad.  

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Myarick Aided Owls All Four Years

During his years at the Temple University, he was a four-year letterman during his collegiate career. Myarick saw playing time in 43 games, starting 25 of them. As he went through his collegiate career, the number of games he started in and the receptions he was able to grab as well went up each year. 

As a sophomore playing for the Owls, Myarick started in three games out of 14 appearances and caught one pass for 15 yards. During his junior year, Myarick made 10 starts in 12 appearances and took advantage of the opportunity he had. Myarick went from catching one pass to catching eight passes for 68 total yards that year. In his senior campaign, Myarick was more of a presence for his team because he was able to start in 12 out of 13 games for his school. Myarick became more involved in the offense as he caught 14 passes for 146 yards and one touchdown.

Myarick is still on the roster today, so he may have another shot at getting some playing time with the organization this upcoming season. It will all be dependent upon how he works and performs for the team with each given opportunity that would hopefully elevate him off the practice squad.

Bryce Sterk

Sterk is the youngest TE of the group in terms of experience. He was signed as an undrafted college free agent after the draft. Sterk will come in as a first-year tight end that did not even play that position in college. He did have experiences playing as tight end during his high school career, but he played defensive end at Montana State University. 

Now TE, Played DE for Mustangs

In his two years at Montana State, Sterk was able to dominate defensively. 2018 saw the junior rack up 8.5 sacks and 17 tackles-for-loss with the Mustangs. Following in his senior year, Sterk had 15 sacks and 19 tackles-for-loss.

Coming in at 6-feet, 4-inches, and 262 pounds, Sterk has the size to be able to thrive as a tight end. In an article published by The Bozeman Chronicle, he could play as both tight end and defensive end. This will be a transition for Sterk coming in, but could be one worth it when he gets the opportunity to step onto the field for his new team in the future. 

With Five TEs on Roster, Miami Looking for Consistency

The Dolphins are looking for tight ends that can be consistent throughout the season. Before this past season, the team lacked having a player that could really thrive at that position. Now that they have five listed on the roster, this season could turn that narrative around.

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