Who should follow the Monday Night Messiah?

Seth Rollins is back to being a heel, which suits him much better than the babyface side of things. With his heel turn came a new stable. This as-of-yet unnamed stable includes Buddy Murphy and the Authors of Pain. Sadly, Rezar of the AOP suffered an arm injury that required surgery and that tag team will be off television for the foreseeable future.

What good is a Monday Night Messiah if he doesn’t have followers? The Straight Edge Society would have been nothing without people following CM Punk. Bray Wyatt would have fallen flat without his family. With that, Seth Rollins is in need of some more followers. Here’s who WWE should add to Rollins’ movement.

Ruby Riott

Riott has a look that I think fits what this stable is going for. There isn’t a lot that Riott is up to currently, having lost a mini-feud with former Riott Squad member Liv Morgan. Riott is a great in-ring talent and would bring a good dimension to this stable. More stables in WWE need women’s members because it adds variety and depth. Similar to Serena in the Straight Edge Society or Ivory in Right to Censor, Riott could be a star in this group.

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Riddick Moss

I mean, what else is WWE going to do with Riddick Moss? They debuted him on Raw a while ago as Mojo Rawley’s “Offensive Lineman”. He quickly took the 24/7 Championship from Rawley, lost it, and now has nothing else to do. Do you know what that makes him? Lost. Rollins could give him guidance and purpose. Moss has some raw talent, but would be better suited to learn in a tag team role. That leads us to our last member…

Bo Dallas

Talk about lost in the shuffle. With the release of long-time tag partner Curtis Axel, there doesn’t seem to be a lot for former NXT Champion Dallas to do. He’s well-rounded in his ring work and mic work, and could bring some of that Bo-lieving in a new form to Rollins’ stable. Pair Dallas with Moss and add another duo to the Raw tag team division as well.

This is who I’d gather as followers of the Monday Night Messiah. Who would you put with the group? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @FPC_Wrestling.

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