Rookie Dynasty Rankings – Frick Part 2

As promised, this week I will unveil Part 2 of top 25 dynasty rookie rankings. Again, this is using conventional roster and scoring settings. That includes 1 QB per week, while also needing a minimum of 2 or 3 RB and WR spots in lineups.

During Part 1, the top 13 ranked rookies were chronicled. We will continue from that point. For most leagues, this is around when the second round will begin. This draft class was deep and there should still be plenty of good players left in the pool to select from. Without further adieu, let’s continue with Rookie Dynasty Rankings – Frick Part 2.

14. WR – Bryan Edwards – Las Vegas Raiders

Although Bryan Edwards will face a crowded roster of receivers, competition will be wide open. Derek Carr does not have a #1 target and will be looking for multiple players to step up during camp. When healthy, Edwards is an incredible talent for a third-round receiver. His crisp route running and ability to get open separates himself from many of the other pass-catchers in this class. In addition, his ball skills are very good, which will allow Carr to let him go up and catch a few passes over defenders. Edwards should see enough snaps to be an effective player in 2020 and moving forward.

15. QB – Tua Tagovailoa – Miami Dolphins 

The first quarterback on my board, which may come as a shock. Tua Tagovailoa is a perfect fit as a modern-day NFL signal-caller. Combining his arm strength and accuracy with excellent running skills allow him to be a dual-threat option. He may sit behind veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick for a little while, but that will do him well, allowing him to learn the offense and keep him healthy for as long as possible.

16. WR – Tee Higgins – Cincinnati Bengals 

I was surprised the Bengals went wide receiver at #33, but I suppose it makes sense. A.J. Green may be on the way out and former first-round pick John Ross has been a bust so far in his career. In year 1, it is going to be interesting to see where Tee Higgins fits in. But by year 2, I would imagine he runs as one of the top two options alongside Tyler Boyd. Higgins is a worthy investment for me because of his wicked first step and route running. I would not expect a ton from Higgins as a rookie, but he should carry some value by his second season in the league.

17. QB – Joe Burrow – Cincinnati Bengals

Coming in right after his new teammate, Joe Burrow will look to save Cincinnati from the hole they have been stuck in for quite some time. Burrow has elite accuracy, superb poise and timing, and an uncanny ability to scan and read the field. Considering the number of weapons he was given and a great teacher in Zac Taylor, Burrow has all the tools to take this Bengals team to the playoffs for years to come. As a rookie, his value should be higher than Tagovailoa, considering the fact that Burrow will get the start in week 1 and will have a chance to compete for rookie of the year.

18. RB – Antonio Gibson – Washington

A bit of a head-scratching pick at the time, I was not sure what Washington was doing taking Antonio Gibson. He is much more of a luxury pick that competing teams typically look for, not rebuilding teams. However, he will fit offensive coordinator Scott Turner’s system perfectly. For instance, he could play the Chris Thompson role as a pass-catcher out of the backfield. However, Gibson also introduces a new powerful and explosive running back into the sketchy backfield. He can produce as a rusher and receiver, which should boost his weekly fantasy floor.

19. WR – Devin Duvernay – Baltimore Ravens 

The Ravens did an incredible job of drafting the top talent for what they need. Devin Duvernay is no exception. His size is exactly what kind of receiver Lamar Jackson needs in his offense. He gives Jackson the ability to throw the ball up when under pressure and trust that someone can come down with a contested catch. Not only that, but in the slot, Duvernay has the ability to make plays happen after the catch. Duvernay produced 17 broken tackles and 372 yards after contact in college. Although he is in a rushing offense, Duvernay faces little competition and should get many looks early in his career.

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20. WR – Denzel Mims – New York Jets

I do not think it was a coincidence that Denzel Mims just happened to slip during the NFL Draft. It was evident in college that Mims struggled to catch the ball and that is never something NFL coaches like to deal with. However, he finds himself in an ideal position, possibly locking himself in as top target for third-year starter Sam Darnold. Mims has the speed and ability to create separation to be a great receiver for Darnold. If the Jets can add another top of the line receiver with Mims, he should become an even more of an explosive threat.

21. WR – Van Jefferson – Los Angeles Rams

Van Jefferson lands in a very common situation for most receivers with his size, toughness, and footwork. Most players with those three traits find themselves in three-wide sets and with Jefferson likely playing the slot, he should see many looks from Jared Goff very early in his career.

22. WR – Laviska Shenault – Jacksonville Jaguars

One of the few non-first round predictions I made was that Laviska Shenault would end up in Jacksonville and that is exactly what happened. Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden needed to find his physical “X” receiver and Sheanult fit the bill perfectly. It is a very common situation that Gruden saw play out in Washington with Josh Doctson. However, I really like this fit, and Sheanult should be able to produce much better numbers than Doctson did. He is stronger, much more versatile, and is very fast. Sheanult uses his frame to his advantage and can win any contested catch.

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23. WR – Antonio Gandy-Golden – Washington

Another one of those players that has found themselves in the ideal situation. In need of a wide receiver, and a lengthy one too, Washington went out and drafted that player. Plus, it makes a lot of sense for this new team as well. Rivera really likes lengthy and physical receivers running in his offense (Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess). Antonio Gandy-Golden flew under the radar at Liberty, but will likely see the field a lot in year 1, making him a great mid-round pick in any dynasty draft.

24. TE – Cole Kmet – Chicago Bears

The only tight end to be in my or Kyle’s top 25. Perhaps his immediate impact is slightly lower than expected with veteran Jimmy Graham ahead of him, but Matt Nagy was all over Cole Kmet. He is a dynamic athlete who still has a lot of refinement to experience, which has got to make Nagy smile. Learning for a year behind Graham should do Kmet well moving forward and should hold significant value entering his second year.

25. RB – Anthony McFarland – Pittsburgh Steelers

Rounding out my rankings, Anthony McFarland finds himself in the last spot. Although joining a crowded backfield, he joins a backfield full of question marks. Both James Conner and Jaylen Samuels have injury concerns and may not play a full season. Considering how “magical” the Steelers system is for running backs, the upside McFarland has if he plays is worth the mid-round selection. Especially if he takes his pass-catching ability to the next level.

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