There’s no question Tom Brady and Bill Belichick had lots of success together during a 20-year span. However, Brady grew tired of Belichick’s way of doing things and really didn’t feel appreciated after all he did for them.

Brady has always done what is best for the Patriots. For example, taking less than market value so that talent around him could be better. Sometimes it worked and other times it didn’t. Fortunately, he also is the best at making average receiver talent look elite. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen last year with rookies N’Keal Harry and Jakobi Meyers, however, many extenuating circumstances are to blame such as consistent tight end play following the retirement of Rob Gronkowski.

In the end, he wasn’t having fun or even happy being a New England Patriot. Now as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer he will be more relaxed under “No Risk Tt, No Biscuit” head coach Bruce Arians.

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Arians is a laid back coach that doesn’t have the no-nonsense personality that Belichick has. Brady, along with Arians and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, will have to evolve and find what works as the season plays out, however, Arians will give Brady more freedom and will let him make adjustments if needed. With Brady’s football mind combined with Arians, it will be exciting to see how they develop game plans each week and evolve over the course of a 16-game regular season.

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Another anti-Belichick quality Arians possesses is his approach to the media. For example, Arians wasn’t afraid to say that Brady lobbied to bring Rob Gronkowski to the Buccaneers. Belichick would never reveal that type of information. Neither would a player for that matter. They are instructed to say very little to the media. Something easier said than done. This will certainly be a weight off Brady’s shoulders.

When the Bucs and Arians signed Brady and gave him $50 million, he knew that they were committed. Age need not matter. They know he can still play at a high level. Especially with high-end talent around him. Brady is about to have fun playing the game he loves with a new team and a coach that believes in him.

And a new chip on his shoulder.

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