“Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a man of wealth and taste.”

Yes, that is a classic line from the Rolling Stones’ timeless hit “Sympathy For The Devil”. Honestly, I cover hockey—from the New Jersey Devils to prospects and beyond. There are injuries to which may be a bit of a calling card. That depends on one’s perspective.

So, why join the staff at Full Press Coverage? This was an easy decision. There are plenty of great writers who have come aboard. Yes, then there is me. I can hear it now. All kidding aside, frank perspective and blunt analysis with some deeper dives are on the docket here.

No one expects to see agreement 100 percent of the time. However, the doors are always flung wide open for debate.

Latest NHL News

We do not hide. We do not retreat and most importantly—we are here to fight the good fight for the sport of hockey. Now let us present some hotter takes. Some may even involve the New Jersey Devils.

Hockey Hotter Takes Time

Let’s push some buttons here.
  • For one, Pierre McGuire was not interviewed by the New Jersey Devils. Come on! When even Pierre denies it, that is a sure sign of sure signs. Let it go, rumor mongers, let it go!
  • There is a big announcement that will finally make New Jersey residents happy when it comes to sports betting and even hockey props. Stay tuned for that one.
  • The 20-team playoff scenario is a much better idea than the 24-team version. Therefore, one knows which way the NHL is going. We will adapt nonetheless.
  • Did I mention rumors? Yes, I am one of those people that cut through rumors. This just in. 
  • Patrik Elias — Hall of Famer.
  • Finally, are we truly back? John Wick said it best. “Yes. we are back!”

Again, my vow to the hockey fan is to be that sounding rod. The writer is not afraid to go in different directions while thinking a little outside the box.

There is one more hat to enter into the rink here. That is fantasy hockey of course. On occasion, we will cover that here as well at Full Press Coverage. Fantasy Hockey X will be making its return in the near future.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to get to work.

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