The IIHF Council held a conference call to approve the groups for the 2021 World Championships. The tournament is scheduled to begin in May of 2021. The host cities are – Riga (Latvia) and Minsk (Belarus).

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Group A (Minsk):

Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, Belarus, and Great Britain.

Group B (Riga):

Canada, Finland, United States, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Italy, and Kazakhstan.

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There are two changes made in the groups from what it was supposed to be at the 2020 tournament. As agreed upon by host federations – Belarus will host Russia. While Switzerland and Germany have made switches to reflect the ranking.

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Via IIHF: The seeding for the groups is based on the IIHF Sport Regulations and the 2020 IIHF Men’s World Ranking, which takes into consideration the results in World Championships and Olympics during the last four years, with one horizontal swap to accommodate special organizational needs.

The work on the schedule for the event is underway.

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