The Cleveland Browns should make a move to acquire Jamal Adams from the New York Jets. 

Jamal Adams and the New York Jets are reportedly at an impasse in regards to contract negotiations. New York could look to move the safety and the Cleveland Browns should be interested. Actually, they should be more than just interested, they should find a way to acquire the former first-rounder.

The price for Adams will be steep, but the Browns should make it happen. The defensive side of the ball is full of holes and if they want to have any chance of coming close to .500 they need to address it ASAP. Outside of multiple first round picks, Cleveland should accept almost any deal.

How will it work money wise?

This will without a doubt be the biggest concern in acquiring Jamal Adams. Adams wants a new deal and luckily the Browns will be able to make a deal for Adams work. Why is that you ask? It is quite simple really.

The reality is that at least one of their three pass catchers who make a lot of money (Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, Austin Hooper) will not be on the team in the next few years. Take the money that Adams will be paid and simply apply it to the room created by the team moving on from one of these players.

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There is also the fact that only one of the players on a rookie deal with at least two years of experience is worthy of a new contract. That player? Myles Garrett. Baker Mayfield has not done enough to warrant an extension. Nick Chubb is a running back, so any sort of discussion there can be discarded immediately. Denzel Ward may enter that conversation, but injuries are a concern. Finally, David Njoku has zero business being on the roster. That fear so many had just a year ago about a lack of future cap space was a complete waste of time since many of their young players are not performing up to expectations and are not worthy of extensions. Due to their shortcomings there will be money available to make a new contract for Adams to work.

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The Browns defense would be less of a liability

Trading for Jamal Adams would elevate the talent level of the defense and give the perception of a long term plan on that side of the ball. Right now Cleveland does not have that as they opted to sign defensive players to one-year deals which will only create more turnover next offseason. Acquiring and extending someone like Adams would help limit the impact of those players leaving next year. This move would be about creating a consistent and productive core group on that side of the football. The Browns may have that on offense (fingers crossed), but they are very far away from having on that on defense. Adding Jamal Adams would bring the Browns one step closer to having a complete football team and they would be in a much better situation (short term and long term) if they make a move to acquire him.

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