NFL rules changes proposals have been sent out to the teams. Which ones are the top ones?

It’s official! The NFL will vote on the rules changes that were proposed back in March next week.

Tom Pelissero of broke the news via Twitter yesterday.

Four of the league’s teams (Eagles, Dolphins, Ravens, and Chargers) sent in seven proposals.

The Eagles proposed the following:

  1. Amending the blindside block rule
  2. Permanent expansion of automatic replay
  3. The aforementioned onside kick alternatative
  4. Changing rules to OT to make the coin toss less of a factor

Secondly, the Dolphins proposed allowing the clock to start on the referee’s signal after the defense declines a penalty. Finally, the Chargers and Ravens proposed adding what the AAF called the “Sky Referee,” an eighth official in the booth and a Senior Technology Advisor.

In this episode, Michael Pallas breaks down all of the proposals. He also tells you which one he thinks will be implemented and are the best ones.

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