Ever since the turnover of discipline that was implemented by Sean McDermott, the Buffalo Bills defense has been the strong suit of the team and it will still carry that title for this season. With a defense that is more of a shutdown unit rather than a run-stopping squad, it is the secondary that really stands out for this defense.

It’s no secret that the Bills have one of the most dominant secondaries in the league. With a ball-hawking safety duo and a shutdown corner who is developing his own lockdown island, the Bills future looks bright in that aspect. The only concern is who will be opposite of Tre’Davious White.

The front four for the Bills can cause havoc but it has been inconsistent, especially against the pass. Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano have become an underrated linebacker duo with their versatility and ability to lockdown the middle of the field. McDermott’s defense has been for real the past three seasons but in 2020, they will be tested with some big competition under the McDermott era.

There are five quarterbacks that will put the Bills’ defense on edge this year. One of them happens to be in the same division with Buffalo. Also, one of them is not named Tom Brady.


5.) Sam Darnold

In the past two seasons, the Bills have only beaten the Jets once when Sam Darnold was the starter. Despite missing three games last season, Darnold still managed to throw for over 3,000 yards while completing over 60 percent of his throws and going 7-6 as the starter last season.

He is a smart quarterback with a strong arm. Even though Josh Allen is in a better position from an organization standpoint, Darnold can make plays out of nothing. The Bills will see Darnold twice this season and even though the two teams are in completely different directions, there is no denying that Darnold can keep the Jets in the game.


4.) Kyler Murray

The offensive rookie of the year last season made quite a splash in 2019 with almost nothing around him other than a decent receiving core. In a new offense that was put into place, Kyler Murray went on to have himself a successful first year in the league. He threw for 3,772 yards, 20 touchdowns and completed 64 percent of his passes. Not to mention, Murray also rushed for 544 yards and four scores.

He may not be as big as Allen, but Murray is a dual-threat quarterback who can scramble out of the pocket and make a play at any moment. The best way to keep Murray contained is to not let him get outside the pocket. While he can zip the ball accurately, he has not faced this Bills secondary which will put up a challenge on him.

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3. Jared Goff

With the Bills and the Rams meeting early in the season, Jared Goff will get a break from a weather factor. Even though the Rams took a fall from their almost Super Bowl season in 2018, Goff still put up numbers that earned him a spot on this list. His numbers are similar to Allen’s from last season, but had way more passing yards.

As long as Goff has Sean McVay, he’ll always pose as a threat to opponents. In 2019, Goff threw for 4,638 yards and 22 touchdowns. The Rams offense is the opposite of the Buffalo’s pound the rock offense. The vertical offense will be the main point for Los Angeles and Goff has the weapons around him to make him succeed in 2020. Get ready for the Bills to face a pass happy offense led by Goff.


2. Patrick Mahomes

You can make an obvious strong case that Patrick Mahomes will be the toughest quarterback the Bills will see this year. He has been named a league MVP as well as this past MVP of the Super Bowl. The throws he makes are absolutely ridiculous and the weapons around him are arguably the best in the league.

Even though he has only been in the league for three years, he shows the “it” factor that a team wants in their franchise guy. With speedy receivers on the outside, a reliable tight end  down the middle of the field and a rocket for an arm, Mahomes should be able to pick up where he left off last season.


1.) Russell Wilson

The man who legit has carried the Seahawks franchise since his arrival will face the Bills for a second time in his career. Russell Wilson faced a Rex Ryan defense that crumbled during the 2016 season, so he’ll be facing a completely revamped Bills defense that is more disciplined. That still does not change the fact that Wilson is a magician with his abilities. If the Bills have the tough task to stop Wilson and the Seahawks late in the fourth quarter, it is hard to say that the task will be completed.

Much like Mahomes, Wilson has the “it” factor and has had it for years. The Seahawks are rarely ever not competitive and they always seem to be a favorite no matter who they face because of what Wilson can do in crunch time. Name one awful game that Wilson has had recently…go ahead, I’ll wait.

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