The 2020 season will mark the first meeting between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs since Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes were both drafted into the league. Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid will face off against a Sean McDermott led Bills team for a second time. These two coaches worked together in Philadelphia with the Eagles before McDermott was hired as the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. McDermott and the Bills beat Reid and the Chiefs in the 2017 season, by a score of 16-10.

The Chiefs have been arguably the most dominant football team in the NFL, specifically on offense while the Bills have built backup their defense from the Rex Ryan era. This will be the first primetime game for Buffalo in 2020 and it starts against the defending Super Bowl champions with their lethal offense.

While the Bills’ offense has upgraded the past two seasons, it’s the defense that has kept this unit in games and even win them. The main headline leading up to this game will more than likely be wondering how the Bills’ defense will stick with this super pass happy Chiefs offense. Although, shouldn’t it also be how Mahomes will make his big time plays against a defense that is built to stop the pass?

This match should not exclude how well either the Bills’ offense or Chiefs’ defense will perform, but let’s face it, the biggest plays will be made by Mahomes’ offense or Tremaine Edmunds‘ defense. There are two key matchups that will take place the field between these two units:

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Tre’Davious White vs Tyreek Hill

The fastest player in the game has a matchup against an All-Pro, on the rise corner. Hill provides extreme speed after catch and can beat any corner at any time he desires. The Bills secondary plays more zone than man to man coverage, but that will have to change for Tre’Davious White when he faces Tyreek Hill.

When Hill gets two steps on a defender, he’s gone. With his blazing quickness, Hill can reck havoc against the Bills secondary. White faces a tough matchup, maybe even toughest of his career, as Hill should be heavily involved in all four quarters.


Matt Milano vs Travis Kelce

This matchup will be a favorite for Bills’ fans to keep an eye on. Matt Milano has been a huge hit for the Bills with his versatility and toughness. He helps contain the outside and cover the bigger receivers in the middle of the field, and he will have to play coverage against Travis Kelce. As a big part of the Chiefs’ offense, Kelce is Mahomes’ safety blanket which helps them move the chains.

Milano will have the tough task to keep Kelce contained, but it should not be a tough challenge like you think. If you remember, Milano performed well against Rob Gronkowski in coverage when the Bills faced the Patriots. Although, that does not mean Milano won’t struggle against Kelce. He’ll have a tough job to cover Kelce each quarter because of the value that Kelce serves for the passing game.


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