It’s been an interesting offseason, to say the least for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With the additions of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, they have been the talk of the league. With no offseason workouts or OTAs the players have to meet either virtually or on a nearby football field.

Brady has already met with his new teammates and has worked out with them recently. Everyone however is in the same boat with not being able to go to their facilities and they have to find new ways to get their workouts in.

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Around this time, in a normal offseason, players are in the facilities working out and getting ready for training camp which traditionally starts in a month, and, as of right now, it seems like they are still on track to do so. Some reports have the numbers for COVID-19 declining and Florida was already one of the first states to open back up. The NFL has been determined from the get-go to start this season on time and training camp is a very important step for that timeline and for teams to develop.

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Perhaps, no training camp has been as important for the Bucs in their history. Brady’s arrival was the biggest storyline of the offseason and he has yet to be seen in uniform. Although, by all accounts, he’s already taken a leadership role on this team. Key for the Bucs Super Bowl aspirations.

It seems like everyone is on the same page with winning as the priority. They have the veteran leadership and coaching to keep that the focus. Training Camp starting on time is key to putting that all together on the field.

Football is the most popular sport in America, and if training camp doesn’t start on time, it would be seen as a huge setback to starting the season in September. For the Bucs, it could be a huge blow to the growth of a team with Super Bowl hopes within a very small window.




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