In 2020, Clelin Ferrell can change his entire narrative surrounding him. Granted, we all understand that no one guessed the Raiders would select him fourth overall. Yet, they did. As a result, he will remain a part of the roster for the foreseeable future. Lamenting about not drafting others does not serve a valid or current purpose. As mentioned, Ferrell can begin to reshape his view in year two. How? By dominating and succeeding versus Denver Broncos’ left tackle Garett Bolles.

Perennial Challenge

Due to his residence in the AFC West and his position, Garett Bolles presents a direct challenge to Ferrell. As a matter of fact, Denver thought enough of Bolles to draft him with the twentieth overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. The former Utah product forced Denver to select him with his style of play. Twice a year matchups will bring this burgeoning clash into a clearer focus.

What Ferrell Brings

By no stretch, Ferrell should be confused for a hyper-twitched edge rusher. Instead, he uses a solid rush base. That is to say, he will not bend like a flexible end. However, to his credit, Ferrell does use his hands to win from the snap. Unlike many rushers, Ferrell uses his reach to keep relatively clean. That long-armed approach, with better repertoire use should tally more sacks. In his favor, Ferrell does not attempt anything that he does not try a move just to try it. Smart technique flies under the radar. With room to add weight, Ferrell will enhance his already strong power aspect.

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What Bolles Brings

From the snap, Bolles shows ease when firing off the ball. In addition, Bolles rises well from his stance, preventing ends from gaining the advantage. Now, after the ball is snapped, the athleticism takes over, with fluidity in every direction. Rushers that want to veer wide will find Bolles early. Most importantly, he exhibits a nasty aggression that only stopped at the whistle.

Mutual Struggles

While Bolles possesses the athleticism that Ferrell lacks, the former also struggles with a problem. Actually, a massive problem. During his tenure in Denver, Bolles committed thirty-two penalties. With twenty flags for holding, Bolles does not recover well from being initially beaten by an end. Bolles does not make his penalties subtle. He does not hide his hands and forces the official to launch the laundry. Meanwhile, Ferrell struggles with one-on-one blocking. In fact, the Raiders either slid him inside or rotated him out.

Confidence Build

With a dominant performance versus Bolles, Ferrell will start to cement that right end spot. More importantly, he will force Carl Nassib into fewer reps. Despite signing a hefty contract, Ferrell can relegate his teammate to the bench. On the other hand, Bolles wants that fifth-year option picked up for 2021. These two, in order to elevate their game, need to soundly defeat the other.

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