Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky breaks his silence and speaks about his 2020 offseason and his battle with Nick Foles for the starting quarterback job.

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky usually stays quiet during the offseason. He says he doesn’t pay attention to social media and just works on getting better.

This year, however, Trubisky breaks his silence. He went through a lot this offseason. Critics piled on him and the Bears made some moves that showed their confidence in him waned.

Here are some of what he said when he met with the media recently:

On his battle for the starting quarterback job

Yeah, it was kind of interesting to me [when the Bears traded for Foles]. But that’s the business we are in. I think I was kind of pissed off in a good way. I’ve been motivated ever since. I think it’s going to be a good competition. Foles has had a crazy career as well, so it’s been cool having him in our room talking ball. I know we’re going to push each other. But I still feel like this is my team.

So Trubisky feels motivated to keep his job. Here is something different from this year that the Chicago Bears and Trubisky didn’t have previously — he now has someone in the quarterback room. Having Chase Daniel as his backup didn’t do anything to move Trubisky. He could keep making the same mistakes over again but he’d always be the starter. Daniel would never do anything to beat him out. Foles is a Super Bowl winner and was MVP of the game. Also, he likely has a better grasp of head coach Matt Nagy’s offensive system. He also has more familiarity with the new coaching staff. Trubisky has to really fight for his job this time.

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It’s good to see Trubisky with that attitude but why wait for a battle before feeling like that?

Bears decline Trubisky’s option

One of the moves the Bears made was to decline Trubisky’s fifth-year option. Trubisky expected it considering how he played in 2019.

Trubisky says he wasn’t surprised his fifth-year option was not picked up. “I felt like the way I played didn’t merit that.” He is attacking the season doing everything he can to get the team back to the playoffs. He is “very motivated” and “eager to work”. @WBBMNewsradio

We see that Trubisky is honest about himself. There are plenty of players who have a blind spot when it comes to their performance. Trubisky understands he didn’t have a very good season in 2019 and, to be honest, his 2018 wasn’t much better. His defense scored a lot of points and that helped make it easier to win games. He still has that defense, but now the Chicago Bears and their fans expect the offense to contribute more than it did in franchise history.

Hopefully, this battle works out for the best for both the players and the team. If Trubisky is ultimately the winner, he has to keep the same attitude going throughout his career and he uses this battle to get his career on track.

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