The last time a San Francisco 49ers head coach signed an extension was George Seifert. That was back in the early 1990s and wouldn’t last long after Seifert was denied a second extension, following back to back early exits in the playoffs.

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On Monday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the team and current head coach, Kyle Shanahan, had agreed to a new six-year deal. The deal would keep Shanahan in Santa Clara through the 2025 season and replaces the three years remaining on his current deal.


One of the major selling points when the 49ers lured Shanahan away from his offensive coordinator job in Atlanta, was his long-term contract of six years. Since the end of George Seifert’s time as head coach, the 49ers had not reached a second contract with any subsequent head coach. This included successful years with both Steve Marriuci and Jim Harbaugh.

No contract has been announced as of yet for general manager John Lynch. However, the 49ers initially signed Lynch with a matching six-year deal when Shanahan came on board. It will be interesting to see if Lynch remains in his role as the general manager or if the team moves the former safety into the role of Team President, making room for talented front office player, Adam Peters.

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Just Rewards

In three seasons as head coach of the 49ers, Kyle Shanahan has posted a 23-25 record, with a 2-1 postseason record. In a surprising turn of events, the 2019 season saw the 49ers consistently play like the best team in the NFL, culminating in a Super Bowl appearance. While the ultimate prize proved just out of reach, the job done by Shanahan was not lost on anyone.

For the first time in his three seasons as head coach, Shanahan had the benefit of his preferred starter for the entire season. The offense took off in 2019, led by a powerful running game featuring a pair of running backs who began their careers as undrafted free agents. San Francisco’s stingy defense and a consistent ground game brought the 49ers within 10 minutes of the franchise’s sixth championship.

Front Office Moves

As previously mentioned, the 49ers hired both John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan on six-year deals. With the head coach now signed through an additional three seasons, the 49ers are now likely to turn their attention to Lynch. Through a combination of shrewd scouting and convenient draft spots, the 49ers have a roster filled with talented youngsters. Lynch’s deal runs through the 2022 season. What Jed York and the rest of the San Francisco brass must consider is how to keep the talent in the front office.

Lynch’s right-hand man, Adam Peters, has been credited with being a major player in the roster upheaval for the 49ers. Peters will enter his 18th season in the NFL and his fourth with the 49ers as the team’s Vice President of Player Personnel. He spent the previous eight seasons with the Denver Broncos in a variety of scouting roles. Could we see a promotion for Lynch and Peters? The move would create more questions than answers but time will tell what the 49ers choose to do. For now, the 49ers have found stability at head coach.


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