Former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long recently said he wouldn’t return unless there was a change in the coaching staff. Somehow he’s blaming them for his troubles and that is ridiculous.

Well, former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long has been in the news for the past couple of weeks. First, there were rumors of the New York Jets asking him to end his retirement and play for them. He refuted those rumors but rumors of him possibly coming back persist.

Long himself seems to delight in keeping those rumors alive.

Long also Tweeted about his “retirement” shortly after the 2019 season ended. He continued his hint at a possible return.

The coaching staff fired him, he said. Well, he made a choice. Deep down he felt the same because he decided to retire. If he felt differently then why retire?

Long added to what he thought of the coaching staff and playing for them.

It would need to be under a new staff. I have supported this staff and the roster in the media since being released. Believe in the team and the coaches. But that doesn’t mean I would want to play for them.

So somehow Long has a problem with the coaching staff because they’re doing what needs to be done? He has a problem with THIS coaching staff? I wonder if he knows that most of the coaches on this staff are new, especially the offensive line coach. If he does, then his problem must be with head coach Matt Nagy, and that makes it more puzzling.

Long wasn’t the same player in his last four seasons that he was in his first three. He made the Pro Bowl in each of those first three seasons. He was among the best offensive linemen in the NFL. Injuries started to pile on and kept him from helping the team succeed. He played only 29 games in his last four seasons.

Long’s salary called for him to make $9.6 million in 2020. With the Bears having salary cap difficulties they couldn’t afford to pay him that money for just a handful of games. The writing was on the wall and many knew except for him.

Long has to man up and stop playing games. He’s trolling everyone. He won’t come back. This coaching staff didn’t ruin his career, injuries did. This coaching staff didn’t just throw him out. Apparently they gave him the option of retiring instead of going ahead and cutting him right away. It’s difficult to part ways from a star player who isn’t the same anymore. It’s even more difficult when that player wants to keep playing.

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