Due to recent events in our country, 2020 has become a more substantial year than ever before. Chiefs players, Patrick Mahomes and Tyrann Mathieu are using their platforms for good use. Two megastars on the NFL field, have become trusted leaders and people off of it.


Following the death of George Floyd, some NFL players put together a video focused around “Black Lives Matter.” Mahomes and Mathieu both appeared early on in the video, and their decisions felt necessary.

“I feel like whatever decision you make, there’s going to be positives and negatives,” Mahomes stated. “And that’s the world we live in today, but I believe in both my statement and the video I made that stuff needed to be said. We (players) believe this needs to be informed and we need to be the role models who go out there and take that step.”

Not only did Mahomes have support of his team and coaches, the NFL knew they add to help lead the charge. With the stance this star QB was taking and setting, they “needed to act quickly,” according to Jason Reid from theundefeated.com.

Setting The Table

Mathieu was influenced by New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas when the video idea was put in place. We have already seen Mathieu’s impact loom large off the football field. But, this put in place an entirely new level of leadership for the veteran safety.

“I think our social responsibility goes far beyond the football field. I think we have a true impact in our communities,” Mathieu said. “I think we’re able to influence masses of people, and for us, it’s about owning that and doing it the right way.”

Making A Difference

Shortly after that video surfaced, Mahomes and Mathieu were looking to embark on what change they could help lead. Both have already been extremely active in the Kansas City community. However, their new direction is going towards this year’s upcoming elections in November.

They have joined the Chiefs in a voter registration drive. The team will announce plans and details of the drive at a later date. Head coach Andy Reid has said to be “in love” with how this generation of NFL players are going about change and using their platforms. He also mentioned that team owner, Clark Hunt, has been “unbelievable” and is proud of his players.

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Humbling Moments

Mahomes and Mathieu do not want to be known as “heroes.” Instead, they saw an opportunity to speak up and say something about the problem.

Tyrann mentioned, “right now, collectively, I think a lot of guys just want to see things pushed forward the right way.”

What is Mahomes goal? That would be to educated himself, before educating any other individuals. He discussed the issues with his dad Pat Mahomes and godfather LaTroy Hawkins, both of whom were former MLB pitchers. In addition, the quarterback made a point to speak with other NFL players.

“I never had a talk that some people have had with their dads or parents about black and the inequalities that you could possibly have. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned about it through having a black side of my family,” Mahomes said.

“I’ve seen how they feel and talk to people on that side of the family. My job I feel, having my platform, is to do whatever I can to just bring those feelings to light. Let the rest of the world understand how people feel, so that we can be a better community together.”

The Landlord

Last season, Mathieu became known as the Landlord. He put that name to use this past week.

Tyrann helped pay rent for four families in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. The coronavirus pandemic had affected each family heavily.

And that’s not all. When the pandemic first began, Mathieu helped donate 30,000 meals to the Kansas City community. The regional food bank served both the Missouri side and Kansas side of the city.

With Mahomes and Mathieu continuing to use their platform, Kansas City will continue to grow in the future, for the better.

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