Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski playing for the Buccaneers just got a little more real this week. First, on Tuesday, the team revealed the first shots of Brady donning his Bucs jersey for the first time. Then, on Thursday, it was Gronkowski’s turn to wear his first non-Patriots professional jersey.

In most ordinary situations, acquisitions of this magnitude would get a press conference and a jersey photo op shortly after it became official. Of course, this offseason has been far from normal. In addition to the unprecedented restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Bucs released new jersey’s this offseason, further delaying the official reveal of the two newest Bucs.

In Brady and Gronkowski’s final season with the Patriots in 2018, they hooked up 47 times in 13 games for 682 yards and three touchdowns. In the playoffs that year, Gronk added 19 receptions for 191 yards, including 87 in the AFC Championship Game against Kansas City. His final reception set up what eventually became the game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl 53 against the Rams.

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The offense around Brady in 2018 was far better than last season, even with a banged-up Gronk in 2018. With the Bucs, Brady and Gronk have the best collection of offensive talent surrounding them since the four weeks in 2010 where Gronk lined up with the likes of Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker, and Randy Moss.

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