As June roars on, the NFL, more specifically, the Las Vegas Raiders sit eye-to-eye with questions. Whether these topics arise during the course of the season, could determine how their 2020 season goes.

Will the 2020 NFL Season happen?

With COVID affecting the entire nation, the season hangs in a precarious spot. While the league wants to actually make the season happen, The infection rates keep rising in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia. Seven of the thirty-two teams appear directly affected. Now, the key remains as to how the games will look? Can stadiums actually socially distance and still allow fans in the building? Or, will the NFL go the way of the NBA, conducting closed games at a resort? The league needs to find a state with wider spaces, less population, and facilities to conduct rudimentarily-staffed football games. States like Wyoming and Montana stand out.

After criticizing the BLM responses, early, the Raiders made amends for Juneteenth?

First, for those who don’t know what Juneteenth is, a quick primer. On June 19, 1865, the last enslaved people were officially freed. In my opinion, that should be a national holiday. However, NFL teams began giving their employees the day off. On so many levels, that show care and respect. While not a national holiday, June 19th stands as the start of the modern era for Black people. Granted, segregation developed rapidly, this moment serves as a reminder. After botching the initial response, Mark Davis deserves the utmost praise. The Raiders reached back into their illustrious history and honored this American moment.

Why does everyone dislike Derek Carr?

In all honesty, many fans do not despise him. In fact, everyone roots for Carr to succeed. The problem remains that he does not win games. Plus, the demeanor in which he speaks puts people off. some of this can be inflated. Meanwhile other times, Carr looks like the blame. In Vegas, Carr possesses the best offensive talent he’s enjoyed. No more excuses. People grew weary of the nonstop rationalizing. The Raiders are built to win right now.

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