Week four of the NFL’s regular season will be the toughest opponent the Miami Dolphins will face thus far in their 2020 campaign. 

The Seattle Seahawks come to town, and with them, comes stud wide receiver Tyler Lockett.

The starting WR matchup for this game will feature Lockett against 2019 home-team breakout star DeVante Parker

Parker, Lockett Have 1000-yard 2019 Seasons

Coming out of the 2019 season, both receivers finished upwards of 70 catches and 1,000 yards. Lockett finished with 82 catches to Parker’s 72, but Parker finished with 1,202 yards and nine touchdowns to Lockett’s 1,057 and eight scores. Parker’s longest reception on the season was also 51 yards to Lockett’s 44. 

D.K. Metcalf a Problem For Lockett?

Lockett did lose some receptions last season to rookie D.K. Metcalf who ran away with 900 yards, 58 receptions and seven touchdowns. It’s a possibility that Metcalf could have a heavier presence than Lockett this season, considering how close the rookie was to Lockett in terms of receiving yards and touchdowns.

If the duo stays healthy and can perform at the same or better rate than they did last season, the Seahawks may be poised to make a run for the Super Bowl. With their elite quarterback Russell Wilson under center again, and Seattle’s relatively good defense in a majority of games, the emergence of Metcalf to form a power duo will be hard to stop.

Keep an Eye on Olsen, Dorsett 

Some talent may help give them the push they need, with the superstars that changed addresses around the league this offseason. Seattle will see veteran tight end Greg Olsen join the roster from the Carolina Panthers, as well as Phillip Dorsett from the New England Patriots. 

Is Parker Still Standing Alone?

With Miami in rebuild mode and working a rookie quarterback into their offensive lineup, Parker could see more obstacles than Lockett. However, Parker may see increased workload early if No. 2 WR Preston Williams is unavailable for the start of the season after tearing his ACL in November. Along with No. 3 Albert Wilson underperforming in his first two years out of his three-year deal with the Dolphins, Parker could be on a tier all alone as the go-to guy on the team again.

Parker, Lockett Need to Find Open Field More

Going into the 2020 season, both of these receivers could improve by bettering their ability to get to the open field. If the two could use some fancy footwork and speed to distance themselves from the secondary a bit more, they’ll see their targets, receptions, yards and possibly scores increase. 

Despite Cross-Country 1 p.m. Start, Seattle Should Prevail

The elite veterans on both sides of the football should set Seattle to take this game even in a cross-country 1 p.m. eastern start. All the players around Lockett make him better, whereas Parker looked to be a one-man show on offense last year outside of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

But that doesn’t mean all hope will be out the window. 

Parker Tops Lockett Even in Loss

Parker could easily have a better day than Lockett, especially if the ball will be forced his way. Lockett has back up on his side of the ball with Metcalf and Dorsett out wide as well, meanwhile Parker was the only position player on his team to have more than 570 total yards on the season. Good enough to more than double the yards of any other position player in Miami. 

Kayla Morton contributed to this article.

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