Since being hired – the president of KHL Alexei Morozov has been one of the most vocal voices in Russian hockey. Unlike previous executives, he’s willing to discuss some important and maybe less important things at any time.

Morozov revealed that KHL’s schedule should be released before the term when it’s supposed to be revealed to the public – July 19th.

”We have various ways on how to set the schedule” Morozov pointed out when asked about a potential that another team could follow Admirals’ path and leave the league. ”We have special technology which helps with scheduling games. It is also important to note that all 23 teams have handed in paperwork and financial guarantees. Given the situation, everyone is also still reviewing their budgets and set their plans.”

The head of KHL also noted that the league has already looked through the paperwork teams sent in and the final analysis will be handled by the board of directors during their next meeting. BoD will also then decide on the participants for the 2020/2021 season.

Everything at least right now is pointing towards an expected start of the season on September 2nd.

Morozov on the schedule: ”The regulations state that the schedule has to be ready and published 45 days before the start of the season. If we’re looking at September 2nd, then the schedule has to be released on July 19th. However, we want to publish it sooner so that teams can start working with their partners in advance.”

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KHL is also aware of the plans to push IIHF World Championships by two weeks. ”In that case of course we would want to extend our season but it’s too soon to discuss. There are still loads of uncertainty and the World Championship schedule is also yet to be worked out. After it’s released we will then talk with the Russian Hockey Federation about their pre-tournament plans. It would be interesting to play the KHL final in May.

KHL season usually officially ends on April 30th, that is also the date when player contracts end. Morozov assured that in case of an extended season they would find a way to push the contacts further.

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