In what has been a way too long time coming, the statue of former Washington Redskins owner George Preston Marshall has been removed from outside RFK this morning. D.C. Events, the entity that helps manage that land, released a statement and video:

Marshall was a racist that refused to integrate the Washington Redskins until then Secretary of the Department of the Interior Stewart Udall forced his hand in 1961. Secretary Udall held up the lease to use the land of where RFK Stadium currently sits until Marshall folded like a house of cards which ultimately led to Bobby Mitchell coming to Washington, D.C.

While the Redskins organization did not, at the moment to us, have a hand in the removal of this statue, it could be the first in many moves to returning the franchise back to D.C. The ultimate obstacle, changing the teams name, which owner Daniel Snyder is already on the record saying that it will never happen.

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