Welcome to Crossbody of Work, a show where we break down a wrestler’s career through five of their biggest matches.

This week we start our next three-part series on Shawn Michaels. We are looking at the early career of Michaels as both a tag team and singles wrestlers. The first two matches look at Michaels and his tag partner Marty Jannetty as the Rockers. From there, we look at how WWF had HBK go solo and become a main eventer. We even look at the hour-long Iron Man match from Wrestlemania 12. On top of these matches, Evan & Javier also talk about:

  • Discount Dusty Rhodes
  • Weird theme songs
  • Why Marty Jannetty was the Marty Jannetty of The Rockers
  • The best Iron Man matches

And a lot more.

Listen to the podcast here, and check out the links to the matches below.

Match One:

Midnight Rockers vs Doug Sommers & Buddy Rose (c) – AWA Tag Team Championships – September 2, 1986
Link to the match here.

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Match Two:

Rockers vs Brainbusters – January 23, 1989
Link to the match here.

Promo: The Rockers Break Up

Match Three:

Shawn Michaels (c) vs Marty Jannetty – WWF Intercontinental Championship – WWF Raw, July 19, 1993
Link to the match here.

Match Four:

Shawn Michaels (c) vs Razor Ramon – WWF Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match – Summerslam 1995
Link to the match here.

Match Five:

Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart (c) – WWF Heavyweight Championship Iron Man Match – Wrestlemania 12
Link to the match here.

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