The Miami Dolphins face a tough challenge on the road in week five as they travel to play the defending NFC Champions as the San Francisco 49ers look to avenge last season’s Super Bowl defeat. 

Miami will be looking to play spoiler and pull off a cross-country upset. In doing so, what better person to help contribute than wide receiver Albert Wilson

Albert Wilson’s NFL career stats

Wilson has a little more experience in the NFL than Kendrick Bourne who will likely be playing the same role as Wilson in the game, just on the opposite part of the field. Wilson’s career stats stand at 2,286 yards on 193 receptions, good for 12 touchdowns.

Kendrick Bourne’s NFL career stats

Bourne’s NFL career has not fully got the results he has likely hoped for. In three years, Bourne has produced quality numbers to assure himself a spot on the 55-man roster for the 49ers, but would likely like to be used more. He has 1,102 yards on 88 receptions, good for nine TDs. 

Role for Albert Wilson

Given Wilson’s spot on the roster last season as he was labeled as the team’s Z receiver, he produced little numbers. But he should have a different mindset this offseason and be encouraged to build himself up in the offseason, after renegotiating a new contract to remain on the team. If he can improve his game enough, he may move up as the team’s Y receiver right behind DeVante Parker.

Role for Kendrick Bourne

Bourne entered the 2019 regular season as the team’s Y receiver right behind WR Deebo Samuel. Labeled as the 49ers second best option at the wideout position, Bourne did have himself a down year in receptions and receiving yards after posting career highs in both those categories just one year before. He did however have himself a career high in receiving TDs with five in 2019, and if he can build off that campaign he can find himself having a productive 2020 season.

Where Are the Dolphins Headed for 2020?

Miami might be the NFL’s version of the Philadelphia 76ers where they trade assets and stockpile draft picks while creating maximum cap space to go out and get the game’s best players. The 2020 season for the Dolphins will depend on how well the newly acquired talent will mesh with the talent that has already been on the Dolphins roster, and how well the 2020 draft picks progress throughout the offseason heading into their first NFL season. 

Where Are the 49ers Headed for 2020?

Coming off a Super Bowl loss can be crushing to any franchise, especially after the 49ers had a 13-3 regular season record and breezed through the playoffs heading into the big dance. The biggest factor helping the 49ers is their stout defense led by defensive end Nick Bosa. That defense will carry the 49ers again in 2020 and put in the offense in less stressful situations. Bourne will carry himself into the 2020 season as the team’s Y receiver and could use his experience to help push himself to stay as the number two option.

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Albert Wilson’s Needs For Improvement

Wilson’s biggest improvement he needs to focus on is maintaining his health to the full extent. Wilson has missed his share of games throughout his career, only completing one full season. The Dolphins could look to Wilson to provide the third option on the offense, and as a safety net should presumed No. 2 WR Preston Williams be unable to immediately return to form following an ACL tear. Recent reports are saying that Williams’ rehab is going ahead of schedule, but nothing is final. 

Kendrick Bourne’s Needs For Improvement

With the 49ers taking a wideout in Jauan Jennings with their final pick in the 2020 NFL draft puts Bourne in more competition for a roster spot. San Francisco also has other WRs on the depth chart to worry about from recent drafts, but Jennings look to be the biggest threat. Bourne does not have great speed nor does he have great separation skills which could cost him and should be his main focuses in this offseason. 

Albert Wilson’s Impact Against the 49ers

Wilson’s impact against the 49ers can help load some pressure off of Parker who will face immense pressure from San Francisco’s secondary and add some help to whoever is under center for the Dolphins. Wilson’s exposure of the 49ers simply comes by adding another distraction away from Parker and Williams and can help add scoring in the red zone.

Kendrick Bourne’s Impact Against the Dolphins

If Bourne is able to survive the roster cuts when the time comes for the final 55-man roster then he should have a hay day against the team that was ranked dead last in total defense in 2019. 

All of Bourne’s five TDs from last season came in the red zone as he was Mr. Reliable for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo when it was coming down to the wire. Bourne’s exposure of the Dolphins defense can simply come in the red zone as he proved to be a big red zone threat. 

Who Wins This Matchup and Why?

With so much uncertainty as to what will happen with Bourne in the offseason and how he will have to battle for a major roster spot, Wilson could have the better day of the two simply because he’s more likely to be on the field. 

If Wilson can stay healthy then he has a chance to be a threat with running after the catch like he has been throughout his career. 

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