When the Las Vegas Raiders drafted Johnathan Abram, the hoped he’d anchor the back end of the secondary. Granted, in limited action, Abram brings teeth a force to the field. Yet, who should occupy the spot next to him? With so much pressure placed on the last line of defense, the next for a quality safety duo remains a top priority


Regardless of the team, the need for two competent safeties remains an undervalued aspect of modern football. Granted, the player limed up next to Abram must be the polar opposite. In Abram, the Raiders will enjoy a violent hitter that plays downhill with ferocity. He will provide run support, dropping the ballcarrier instantly. In the passing game, you will see Abram, attack the ball in front of him. On the other hand, he doesn’t possess the explosion or twitch to hang with a receiver vertically. So, he needs to understand placement better. Whoever fills that spot will need to cover ground at a prolific pace.

Most Range

Of all of the safeties on the roster, Damarious Randall profiles as the one that covers the best, in regards to the sheer area. Randall brings experience as a corner to the field. As a result, his instinct in man would pay immediate dividends. For years, the Raiders lacked quality safety play. Too often, teams would feast vertically. Randall gives them a chance to be better. However, Randall misses tackles and will surrender touchdowns in bunches.


With his draft status, the Raiders expect immediate production from Abram. As a result, look for him to attempt to mae early splashes. However, teams already know Abram’s aggressive nature will look to bait him. This is where a veteran back then will gather the rookie. With the eyes of the fanbase trained on him, Abramunderstabds what he must do.

Bad Fit

With the news swirling around the Jets wanting to shop Jamal Adams. If you listen to the fanbase, the perennial Pro Bowl safety would fit in Vegas. Where? The Raiders are long detached from clamoring for every trade possibility. Adams, although elite, plays a comparable game to Abram. Side by side, teams would take liberties with them. The Las Vegas Raiders will probably slot Randall in based on his style of play. they key will be chemistry.

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