Football, much like life, remains a fragile balance. For the Las Vegas and Derek Carr, that axiom holds true. In essence, the career cycle of this sports appears rapid. One day, you’re a fresh-faced rookie, looking to make an impact in camp. Before you turn around, you’ve become the elder statesmen in the division and a veteran of the conference. In fact, only Ben Roethlisberger claims more current AFC tenure at quarterback. While Philip Rivers still calls the conference home, he did change teams. Entering his seventh season, Carr begins the second part of his career.


With Philip Rivers in Indianapolis, the mantle of tenure falls to Carr. However, in recent years, Carr eclipse the future Hall of Famer. Be honest, Rivers struggled three of his five years with the Chargers. In addition, perennial villain Tom Brady found his way out of town. Now, in Tampa Bay, Brady will see the Raiders and Carr once this year. Yet, without that red, white, and blue jersey, this feels different. Overnight, Brady became just another quarterback to the Raiders.

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“Everyone knows with a rookie, you’re going to take lumps. Even with a first-, second-, third-year guy, you’re going to take lumps until you gain that experience. But for me, it was nice to get out there and get the experience and do it. I’m a guy that has to do it.” Carr

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The weird part? Lamar Jackson feels more than a decade younger than Carr. Yet, the defending NFL MVP accomplished more than most conference quarterbacks including Carr. Additionally, the Raiders cannot forget what quarterback resides in that division. Patrick Mahomes plays on a team that management crafted around him.

“You can have the big arm, and that’s good, and it helps out in the games, but it doesn’t help you necessarily win games.” – Mahomes


The fanbase views a schedule that could produce double-digit wins. Provided the defense will be handed leads to protect, Derek Carr could actually surprise the league. While no one should expect a dominant quarterback, Carr’s physical talent must be unleashed early and often.

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