ESPN’s Field Yates put together a list of five imaginary trades and his Browns trade proposal would be a great move if it were to happen.

The obvious hole on this Cleveland Browns team is their defense. While some keep trying to make signing Jadeveon Clowney a reality, there are better players who could be available. Field Yates of ESPN made a list of five imaginary trades including a deal involving the Browns and Jaguars. A deal that Cleveland should make 100 times out of 100.

Cleveland receives: Yannick Ngakoue

Jacksonville receives: David Njoku and 2021 second-round pick

This would be an absolute slam dunk for Cleveland. Moving on from David Njoku and sending him to Jacksonville with a second-rounder for Yannick Ngakoue? This is the type of aggressive move that pays off. This is the difference between teams that stay in the basement of the division and ones who end up playing in January and February.

Luckily, moving on from Njoku wouldn’t create a massive hole on the offense. Cleveland invested in the tight end position by signing Austin Hooper and drafting Harrison Bryant. Acquiring two players who play the same position as Njoku does not seem good for his job security. Being able to trade Njoku while he still has value would be a wise decision.

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The one point that some may argue is that they will have to extend Ngakoue. And that is a deal-breaker why? Cleveland is not strapped for cash and won’t be anytime soon. The only other player who 100% deserves an extension is Myles Garrett and that is being worked out.

Will this trade (or something similar) happen? Probably not. Jacksonville seems reluctant to deal Ngakoue. Although, stranger things have happened. Nobody thought Cleveland was going to get Odell Beckham Jr. either.

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