Each and every year in the NFL, head coaches come and go around the league. The Buffalo Bills found their head coach in Sean McDermott in 2017 and it has shown to be the right move for the organization. Along with McDermott, the Bills also acquired Leslie Frazier to run the defense. Buffalo has had a top defensive unit since the arrival of these two coaches.

There was speculation of Frazier being looked at by organizations as their next head coach after the Bills defense finished as the second best pass defensive unit in 2018. Frazier not only came back to Buffalo but he was also promoted to assistant head coach going into 2019.

The Bills defense has been exceptional for the last three years and it shows promise once again. If the unit lives up to expectations and even wins games for the team, Frazier could go back as a head coach somewhere else for the 2021 season.


A Second Go-Round?

Frazier has had one tenure as a head coach with the Minnesota Vikings, starting in Week 12 of 2010. Although, it did not go smoothly at all for Frazier. He finished with one winning season, going 0-1 in the playoffs and holds a 21-32-1 record. Since his departure from Minnesota, Frazier spent two seasons in Tampa Bay before arriving onto the scene in Western New York in 2017.

The Bills defense has been a top ten and top five unit since Frazier arrived. Now some would argue that McDermott runs the defense but we don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes. If this unit repeats their dominance in 2020, Frazier could see his opportunity to get back in a head coach position. Could you blame him? Not one bit.


Tough Choice

This defense is expected to excel once again led by their versatile linebacker core and ballhawking secondary and if they are the reason that the Bills keep winning games, Frazier may get an interview or two. The Bills are building something special in their organization and if it continues, Frazier may have to make a tough call and choose between staying and staying on the rise or taking an opportunity for himself.

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