When the Buffalo Bills decided to trade up for Cody Ford in 2019, they told us that they believe he is part of the future of the offensive line that will protect Josh Allen. In the beginning of the 2019 season, Ford and Ty Nsekhe split the reps at the right tackle spot up until Nsekhe faced injuries that solidified Ford to be the full-time starter for the remaining portion of the season.

There is no doubting Ford’s aggressiveness on rushing plays but there was too much inconsistency against a pass rush. I understand that it was his first season, but the right side of Allen was pressured a ton throughout the season. All five starters upfront from last season will be returning this year, but there will be plenty of competition without saying. If the Bills offense wants to bring some stability to the right side, now would be a great time to shift Ford inside.

Jon Feliciano did a great job last year as the right guard, but is heading into his last year of his contract with the team. Unless the Bills plan to extend Feliciano, the coaching staff should take a look at potentially pushing Ford into the right guard spot and split the reps with Feliciano. Ford is the hopeful future, Feliciano may not be in Buffalo after 2020.

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What Ford Provides For The Inside

He is a mauler. When the ball is given to Devin Singletary or Zack Moss, Ford can become a lead blocker down field and get to the second level to create space for a big play. It also helps that on pass plays, Ford will not be the main blocker against an edge rusher but instead will double team a big guy up front or cover the blitz. The Bills are going to run the ball despite a massive boost in the passing game. Why not beef up the middle more with a proven mauler?

What About Right Tackle?

If Ford was to be pushed inside, this would give Nsekhe an opportunity to fully earn back his spot that was his in the beginning of last season. Although, he would battle it out with Darryl Williams who was brought in as a free agent from Carolina. Williams has had a rough couple of years due to injury and switching positions, but he showed that he is a stable right side tackle and gives another option for the line.

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