As we have seen this off-season, Redskins Quarterback Dwayne Haskins has gone above and beyond in preparation for this upcoming year. 

It has been noted that he lost roughly twenty pounds of weight, and he is constantly on social media displaying his improved footwork and arm-strength.

But what happened Friday was particularly interesting, where Haskins was found working out with a highly prolific wide receiver; one who just so happens to be a free agent — Antonio Brown. 

You can see footage of the two working out here:

This begs the question of whether the Washington Redskins should pursue the free agent, considering his availability and apparent working relationship with the ‘Skins QB.

So, without further ado, welcome to the Full Press Coverage Round-table, where our staff members will give their take on the question: “Should the Redskins sign Antonio Brown?”

FPC Staff Writer, Tony Wheat (@TonyJWheat):

I wouldn’t sign Antonio Brown at this stage. Head Coach Ron Rivera should look at what he has in camp first, then if he thinks we need to add someone, consider the options. Rivera seems intent on giving young players the opportunity this season as we’re not in ‘win now’ mode which a move for “AB” would seem to suggest. I actually think Rivera could handle AB but don’t think it’s the direction he wants to go in. It’s short term versus long term thinking and I think Rivera is thinking more long term. AB also has potential league discipline coming up so I can’t see anything happening until we know what that is.

Burgundy Bros Podcast/FPC Radio, Rod Murray (@RobBB05): 

Yes, Yes and Yes. The Redskins should absolutely sign Antonio Brown. Putting aside his developing work relationship with Dwayne Haskins, this would be the epitome of a low risk, high reward signing at a position of need. If it doesn’t work early, you move on. Simple. Some would portray him as a unnecessary “evil” I’m sure, but I don’t see why you don’t entertain the idea.

A locker room leader he is not, but with a strong support system, AB can contribute to both on the field and with the development of this young WR core. Everyone deserves a second chance, or in AB’s situation, a third, fourth or fifth. Regardless, I’m in. Business will be Boomin!!

FPC Guest, and Burgundy and Gold Report Creator, Adam Aniba (@TheBandGReport):

AB’s journey over the past few years is well documented. A recent workout video posted on Twitter shows Dwayne Haskins throwing passes to AB, Jerry Jeudy and others. One video even had a night workout with only car headlights illuminating the field, while AB caught passes from Haskins. Although it’s cool to see these types of videos, fans should temper their excitement. Having AB would certainly give a boost to the Skins offense, but the question would be for how long? Some have mentioned giving him another shot, but when mental illness and erratic behavior are involved it isn’t so cut and dry. Brown is still dealing with multiple legal matters and faces suspension once he signs with a team. Owners have shown restraint when it comes to signing controversial players. Sure Bill Belichick and the Patriots took a chance on him, but they quickly wiped their hands with him when AB’s legal issues arose. I do think AB still has a lot to offer, but with the Redskins and new HC Ron Rivera trying to establish a new culture, the risk vs reward might just be too much.

FPC Staff Writer, Jack Brizendine (@JackPBrizendine):

Ron Rivera’s goal in year one is to boot up a new culture. That’s something that Antonio Brown unfortunately won’t fit into. Dwayne Haskins’ stable of pass catchers already boasts the likes of standout rookies Terry McLaurin and Steven Sims. An addition of Brown to the team would increase the talent on the roster without a doubt, but that’s not the immediate goal. The Redskins appear ready to head into the season with their young receiving core, simultaneously allowing the team to undergo a drastic cultural change.

FPC Guest, Redskins Rant (@RedskinsRant):

Hail Yeah AB2DC! AB is a dynamic play-maker that would allow others to thrive (think along the lines of a Chase Young impact for the offense). This would also provide Haskins with additional weapons to ensure he takes the two-year leap that fans are anticipating. Adding AB on a team friendly one-year prove it deal, has no downsides.

The Anti-Antonio crowd will say he could be a locker-room distraction, or to keep him and his antics away from the Young QB. To those people I suggest they realize that Haskins & AB are already close off the field and to see that as a positive rather than a negative. In the NFL teams are always in Win-Now mode, a coach may preach patience to the media, but within a locker room they are coaching to win; its either win-now or lose-now & I don’t see Ron Rivera accepting mediocrity or losing.

FPC Staff Writer, George Carmi (@Gcarmi21):

I’d pass on the former All-Pro wide-out. When the season begins, Brown will be turning 32 years old, so it’s fair to question, “How much is left in the tank?” and how fast his skills will diminish. Also, in terms of pleasing the receiver, that may be hard to do. After trading a third and fifth-round pick to acquire AB, the Oakland Raiders made Brown the highest paid receiver in the league, at age 30. That still wasn’t enough. He had a very public dispute with GM Mike Mayock and was dismissed from the team. Since then, the player has been involved in several off the field incidents, including a domestic dispute that was posted on social media.

According to, the team is the sixth youngest team in the NFL with an average age of 26.0. And this includes an aging Adrian Peterson and Alex Smith. Adding Brown would limit the playing time of Steven Sims Jr, Antonio Gandy-Golden and Kelvin Harmon. Which would be detrimental to their growth and would send a poor message to Harmon in particular, who has spent a majority of the off-season building chemistry with Haskins in workouts. Although his upside is intriguing, he doesn’t fit into the timeline of the Redskins development. He may produce short-term excitement, but at what cost long term?

So what do you think? Who made the most compelling argument? Would you sign AB? Please let us know in the comments section on Twitter!


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