With the Cam Newton signing, the Chicago Bears again receive criticism over acquiring Nick Foles instead of other, more price effective choices. People must understand that Foles, good or bad, was the choice from the beginning.

With the struggles of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in 2019, the Chicago Bears finally had to come up with a better plan to push him. Instead of having an ineffective backup like Chase Daniel, they decided to go after a veteran quarterback who could not only push Trubisky to get better but also take over and push him to the bench.

The Bears decided that Nick Foles was that veteran quarterback. Almost as soon as they received their fourth-round compensatory draft pick they sent it away. They sent the pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars for Foles. Then they restructured Foles’ big-dollar contract to make it more team-friendly. They even gave Foles the ability to void the last two years if he wished.

Even before the Bears made the news official, they received criticism for taking Foles. Many felt that there were other quarterbacks out there without having to give up important draft picks and bargain prices. Players like Marcus Mariota, Philip Rivers, Jameis Winston, and Case Keenum could be had cheaper than Foles. Additionally, if the Bears waited, they’d have other choices. The Cincinnati Bengals and Carolina Panthers eventually released Andy Dalton and Cam Newton and were available.

In fact, Dalton signed a one-year, $3 million deal with the Dallas Cowboys to back up Dak Prescott. Newton, meanwhile, just signed a one-year deal for about the minimum. It is, however, filled with incentives that could raise the salary to $7.5 million.

With the Newton signing, Chicago Bears fans again started the criticisms. Newton is a former NFL MVP. Before the Bengals broke up the team, Dalton led the team to four straight playoff appearances and made three Pro Bowls.

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Foles was the Bears’ choice from the beginning

Like it or not, the Chicago Bears zeroed in on Foles. They did so likely as soon as the season ended. The team replaced offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich with Bill Lazor. They also replaced quarterbacks coach Dave Ragone with John DeFilippo.

What is the significance of the coaching change? Well, it turns out that Foles has experience working with the new coaches and head coach Matt Nagy. Foles even worked with Nagy twice — once when they were with the Philadelphia Eagles and again when they were with the Kansas City Chiefs.

This fact makes it pretty clear that the Bears focused on acquiring Foles. Aside from Nagy, Foles has more experience working with this new coaching staff than Trubisky.

Comfort is something that goes a long way. The Chicago Bears have a better comfort level with Foles than with any other free-agent quarterback. Bringing in Newton or Dalton or any other quarterback necessitates an adjustment period. Having that is more difficult in a pandemic. Additionally, the Bears are in a win-now situation with their elite defense. They need to succeed or heads will roll. Specifically, general manager Ryan Pace’s head.

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The Patriots are in a better situation to take a chance. If it doesn’t work out, it’s okay. They have 20 years of successful seasons and Super Bowl appearances that buy them some time. Their fans have plenty of patience. Bears fans don’t. In the last six seasons, the team finished four of them with a sub-.500 record one with an over-.500 record and a break-even record. They demand a better product on the field.

The Chicago Bears zeroed in on Foles right away. It doesn’t matter if we like it or not. They feel Foles can step in and work out right away without much adjustment. They feel Foles pushes Trubisky the most of any other veteran. If Trubisky doesn’t become the best he could be, the team feels comfortable that Foles takes over and helps lead the Bears into the playoffs.

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