Back in March, head coach Bruce Arians gave an emphatic “NO” when it came to the potential signing of former Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots receiver, Antonio Brown.

At the time, it made sense. Brown was still dealing with some legal issues that could prevent him from playing. However, a judgment was recently issued in his case involving a dispute with a moving company. The resolution of the case (probation, mental evaluation, and community service) opens the door for his NFL return and it didn’t take long for Brown’s name to resurface in Tampa.

There is no doubt, if true, this is a move that would be greatly influenced by Tom Brady. In just one game together with the Patriots in 2019, the duo of Brown and Brady looked to have been playing together for years. Their understanding and knowledge of the game are one and the same. In that one game with the Patriots, Brown hauled in four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown. It looks as though there were many more to come. However, he was cut just days after and has been eager to play with Brady once again.

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Let’s not think too much about this. From an “on the field” perspective, this is a slam dunk, punch your ticket to a Super Bowl move for the Bucs. That’s if they weren’t already on their way given how the team is presently constituted. However, despite his issues off the field, Brown has been one of, if not, THE best receiver in the league and his synergy with Brady tends to suggest that he would continue that in Tampa.

Adding Brown to the mix of Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, and Co. would certainly limit their production on the field. Fortunately, this is not fantasy football. This is real football. If they are all on the same page, it seems to reason they may be willing to sacrifice a few targets to put together, potentially, the greatest offense in NFL history with the collection of talent at their disposal.

Of course, money is always an issue. The Patriots gave Brown $9 million last year after his release from the Raiders. He won’t come close to making that this time around and if his desire is to play with Brady, he could be had at a reasonable cost and one that you could defer (mostly) to 2021 if the contract is structured properly.

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