AEW is presenting their second-ever Fyter Fest (a joke that each year will get more and more obscure) as a two-night event July 1st & 8th. We’ll have a second round of predictions for night two, but we’ve got night one covered for you here. Three title matches are on a stacked five-match card. Who will walk away with all that gold? Here are our predictions:

Private Party vs Santana & Ortiz

Evan Gomes, FPC Wrestling Editor: I don’t think Fyter Fest will be great overall for the Inner Circle. They’re going to need a win to balance it all out, so they’ll get it here. A strong showing from Private Party, but Santana & Ortiz put them away.

Pick: Santana & Ortiz

Javier Melo, FPC Contributor: I get that Private Party kind of need a big win to reestablish themselves, but when was the last time Santana and Ortiz actually won a meaningful match? Let those two string some wins and challenge for the belts.

Pick: Santana & Ortiz

Kaden Hanafi, FPC Contributor: There’s one key factor here to the winning team: Matt Hardy. Hardy has recently been somewhat a manager for Private Party so that’s why I see them winning this match.

Pick: Private Party

Jurassic Express vs MJF & Wardlow

Evan: At Double or Nothing, MJF & Jungle Boy had the best non-stampede match of the night. I expect this tag match to be very exciting as well. MJF’s been on a winning streak, but that comes to an end here. Jungle Boy gets the surprise victory, kicking their hatred up for one another up to a new level.

Pick: Jurassic Express

Javier: I love this feud. MJF and Jungle Boy put on an excellent match at Double or Nothing and I expect this match to be really good. With that said, I think MJF’s winning ways continue and he sneaks his way to a win.

Pick: MJF & Wardlow

Kaden: This is my sleeper match of the show. These guys will absolutely tear the house down and MJF’s winning streak will remain intact.

Pick: MJF & Wardlow

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Kenny Omega & Adam Page (c) vs Best Friends – AEW Tag Team Championships

Evan: The tag team division’s depth in AEW never ceases to amaze me. While Best Friends are entertaining, they don’t strike me as the team to dethrone Page & Omega. That will likely be one of the teams from the 8-man tag on night two. For now, The Cowboy & Cleaner retain.

Pick: Omega & Page

Javier: I really want the turn to happen, but this isn’t the place. This will be the best match of either night and one of the better matches of 2020. Both teams are great and if the chemistry is there, watch out.

Pick: Omega & Page

Kaden: The Best Friends are getting this match for stepping up during the Georgia shows so I don’t see them winning. I like Best Friends but it feels like a prize a parent gives their child for staying quiet for an hour on a road trip.

Pick: Omega & Page

Hikaru Shida (c) vs Penelope Ford – AEW Women’s Championship

Evan: It is truly a shame how injuries have derailed the AEW Women’s division. They have one shining light right now, and that’s Shida. In her first defense of the title she’ll decidedly put away Ford.

Pick: Hikaru Shida

Javier: This is Shida’s first defense of the AEW Women’s Championship and I don’t expect her to lose. If this match starts off quick and heated, it has potential to really surprise people. In the end, I hope these two are able to really show their stuff and bring some attention to the division.

Pick: Hikaru Shida

Kaden: Ford is a future star but Shida shouldn’t lose the belt yet.

Pick: Hikaru Shida

Cody Rhodes (c) vs Jake Hager – TNT Championship

Evan: I really have been enjoying the open challenges for the TNT Championship. There’s no way Hager would continue those, so Cody will keep the belt here. Maybe a screwy finish protects Hager, but the not-yet-finished belt will remain with Cody.

Pick: Cody Rhodes

Javier: Cody just isn’t dropping the title to Hager. He just isn’t. I expect this to be a classic big guy vs smaller guy match with Cody pulling out an emotional win in the end.

Pick: Cody Rhodes

Kaden: Let’s have Hager win here. Cody having the belt doesn’t do much for him and Hager needs a big win after the loss to Moxley.

Pick: Jake Hager

That’s who we have winning on night one of Fyter Fest. Agree or disagree, let us know on Twitter at @FPC_Wrestling.

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