The NFL season is drawing ever closer and with it comes a whole new season of the NFL fantasy football draft. But which players should you have in your squad in the coming season? To help you out, we will be looking into some NFL player news that you need to be aware of before building your 2020 team.

Trent Williams Signing With The 49ers

Since officially signing his contract on June 19th, there is plenty for 49ers fans to get excited about. Not only is he bringing his skill set to the team, but this is set to majorly benefit the fantasy football league for the 2020 season. According to experts, having him in your squad could be a huge benefit to your point-scoring as he gets straight to work replacing Joe Staley on the left of the line for the team in 2020. Could this recent signing, however, be exactly what the 49ners need to be Superbowl contenders this year?

Colby Parkinson Recovering From A Broken Toe

Another huge change for the fantasy football season is the injury to the foot that was obtained by Colby Parkinson. He had surgery on his foot allowing him to begin recovering in 2020. The reports of his injury were also announced on the same day that the Seahawks announced signing him for a rookie contract for this season. As a result, you may want to hold off having him in your squad for a few months until his foot is fully healed. In addition to this, being only in his rookie season, you may want to monitor his progress and maybe have him in his season next year?

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A Four-Year Rookie Deal For Tyler Davis

Another rookie deal that is set to change the face of fantasy football moving forward. Though he has only just signed this rookie deal and is very early in his career, there is a lot of potential. With more and more people seeing this potential, the player is joining the league with a lot to prove at this time. We suggest that you monitor him at this time and see what is next for the player. Who knows, he may prove to be a big point-scorer as the years go on. This, therefore, has implications for the success of the team as he has a huge amount of potential to change the way the team operates and see them with a huge amount of potential. This, of course, means that those that are fans of the sport are in for an exciting season. This is great for those that are looking to go head to head with their friends to come out on top of the league at this time as the odds surrounding this team at different sites are looking strong.

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Injury For Deebo Samuel Similar Sight For 49ers Fans

Another major piece of news for the 49ners is the injury sustained by Deebo Samuel. This injury happened during a training session with fellow teammates and is one that is all too common for the team. With Trent Taylors 2019 season completely ruined by the exact same injury, it is not looking promising for the side as Samuel continues to recover. Though there is room for him to grow and progress in 2020 during his offseason, this is sure to have a hugely negative impact on his fantasy value in the upcoming season.

Collin Johnson Finally Signed With The Jacksonville Jaguars

Signing a deal with the Jaguars is a great deal for this rookie as it allows him to begin working his way up the depth chart for the best on the team. But with very little experience at this time, the value of this player can only go up. As a result, this is definitely a player to watch in the coming season as he is set to bring a lot to the team. He joins an impressive line of receivers at this time and is set to make a promising start when the season begins in September.

Many More Signings for The Jets

In addition to this, there are many more signings to come for the jets as they are ready and waiting to bring their A-game when the season begins in September. With several rookies joining the roaster as well as rumours changes to the defensive line, this is set to be a huge year for the team in 2020.

With this in mind, several exciting changes are happening to the NFL in the near future there is plenty for sports fans to get excited about when the season returns on the 10th of September.

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