Now, athletes are trendsetters and those whom millions of people look up to as role models. With much evolution of the sports industry and fashion, athletes can have a strong impact on the world through not just shoes and sports equipment but also watches and other fashion accessories. Many top-notch athletes have built strong relationships with famous watchmakers. So if an athlete loves to wear a particular brand very often, they will be offered a brand endorsement deal within a few months. Here are a few top-notch luxury watches are worn by athletes:

1. GaGa Milano

It is surprising to know that Neymar walked into a GaGa Milano shop and bought 16 different watches from this brand. Now, Neymar is the brand ambassador for this company and has an entire watch line dedicated to him. The GaGa watches are in high demand throughout the year and often run out of stock. Because all the watches are of the luxury edition, so they aren’t always available in the front row. The design of most GaGa Milano is sassy and unique so that you can purchase any depending on your choice.

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2. Carrera Chronograph

If you know the football legend Tom Brady, he was a strong source behind the production of Carrera Chronograph 01 by TAG Heuer. If you are looking for Deals on TAG Heuer, don’t forget to navigate through the latest collections in stock. Tom Brady helped in deciding the design for this watch when he won the Super Bowl. The total watch line consists of 466 watches in coherence with the total passing yards. The watch has a classy design and a deep blue color.

3. Big Pilot Platinum

When Michael Jordan entered the White House in 2016 to receive his Presidential medal, he was seen wearing the Big Pilot Platinum. Between 2003 and 2006, the company manufactured only 500 of these timepieces. The reason why a lot of athletes are swooning over this timepiece is that it can withstand extreme climatic conditions. This means, if you want to wear this watch while playing outside in the scorching heat of the sun, big pilot platinum will not create any trouble for you.

4. McLaren Flyback Chronograph

This watch gained popularity when Odell Beckham wore it to his first game against Cleveland Browns in the year 2019. Although this watch didn’t help them in winning the game but attracted a massive audience for sure. The design and color of this watch are both strong reasons for anyone to purchase it right away. This unique timepiece is a bold choice and can easily suffice for an exquisite outdoor look. For an athlete like Beckham, this timepiece is a perfect choice.

5. Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

If you watched the men’s singles in the year 2018, you must have witnessed Rafael being provided treatment for a conventional body cramp. It was during that time, the media zoomed into an amazing timepiece, which he was wearing while playing. Weighing at just 20 grams, the Tourbillon was the perfect choice made by Rafael. This gorgeous timepiece looks nothing less than an amazing marvel in its way.

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