The president of KHL – Alexei Morozov has revealed that the league still intends to expand further. Asia still appears to be the goal as teams from Japan and South Korea appear to be front runners.

Although no names have been officially mentioned the league’s goal for the longest time has been a further expansion into Asia.

Morozov in an interview with Forbes noted that league is looking to expand and that they are looking at countries that wouldn’t be considered ”hockey markets”.

”Of course, the European market is the most interesting for us. However, we can’t forget about Asia. To this day we have received interest from countries like France, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, South Korea, and Japan.” the KHL executive revealed.

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”KHL hosted ”World Games” last year when the best teams from the league played in Davos. We are trying to market our league so that it would raise interest for as many hockey fans as possible. We intended to introduce two new teams for the next season, expand into two new locations but then the Covid-19 pandemic started” Morozov added.

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It has been known that Great Britain has been interested from day one but never has come of it. It would be smart for the league to expand there for many reasons. But the most important thing is that many hockey fans in GB already follow KHL, support KHL teams, and they are doing a great job broadcasting and marketing the league in the country.

KHL currently has teams from Russia, Finland, Latvia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and China.

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