With the Washington Redskins team name looking like it’s getting closer to being changed fans and sports media have been jumping on possible new names. There are currently potential team names that you can bet on that there seems to be consensus no one likes:

Some of the names that have come up include Sentinels, Red Hawks, and Warriors. Another name that has come up is Red Tails. A name that would honor the Tuskegee Airmen who were an all black fighter pilot squadron during World War II. When that name came out and had some time to marinate on the internet we saw a couple of players respond.

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Quarterback Dwayne Haskins seems to like the idea of Red Tails as a potential new name:

However, defensive tackle Jonathan Allen doesn’t seem to like the Red Tails moniker according to this video:

Everyone has their own opinion and taste as to what the new name will be. Clearly they will both continue to play under their contracts as long as they are in D.C. It will be interesting to get and see other players opinions as time goes on.

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