Minority owners leaving again could lead to the end of the Daniel Snyder era

News has been confirmed by the Washington Post that the three main minority stakeholders in the Washington Redskins are actively looking to sell their shares. Their shares add up to 40 percent. This isn’t the first time owner Daniel Snyder has had to find new minority owners.

There had been some fringe speculation last season that if things got so bad for Mr. Snyder that he would consider selling the team. I even speculated that he would consider moving the team to London if he didn’t get what he wanted in the area for the new stadium and the fan base continued to erode.

Mr. Snyder has also been out of the country for some time while everything has been going on. With the change to the team name evolving at a rapid pace that one has not seen before, could we also be seeing the beginning of the end of Daniel Snyder’s ownership of the Redskins?

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Who could the new owner be?

If so, the first name that comes to my mind as a potential new majority owner is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Mr. Bezos has shown interest in the past of wanting to buy an NFL team. He also has just bought a house in Washington D.C., owns the Washington Post, and is getting ready to see Amazon’s HQ2 open in National Landing. Mr. Bezos also has the deepest pockets of any potential buyers with surpassing his pre-divorce net worth last week. A new stadium under Mr. Bezos could also allow fans to have a state of the art experience that no other ownership group could provide.

If, and that is a big if, Mr. Snyder does decide to sell, Mr. Bezos does seem like the logical choice and one that would likely be welcomed by the fan base.

One thing is for sure. It has not been a boring offseason for Redskins fans.

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