In the NFL’s weeks 10 and 12, a receiver matchup that will pit Miami Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker against New York Jets wide receiver Breshad Perriman. A matchup that can prove to be key ones for both receivers, Parker and Perriman will look to have strong critical performances for back-to-back weeks.

Perriman Elevated to No. 1 on Weak Jets Roster

Perriman, who has been more of a backup option for his first three teams in the league, he will look to have the best season of his career in year one with the Jets.

Looking at his best season (2019), Perriman was on the receiving end of 36 passes for 645 yards and six touchdowns as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He averaged 17.9 yards per catch, showing his big play ability. 

Parker Leaves Perriman in the Dust

On the other side of the spectrum, he will be going against a receiver that has had more experience than Perriman on the field and has statistics to show for it. 

Racking up more than 1,000 yards in 2019 on double the number catches compared to Perriman, Parker has the opportunity to build off of that season and outshine not just this opposing receiver, but many in the league. 

Miami, New York Face New Division Obstacle

The Dolphins, after having a good offseason, look to become a potential playoff contender. With the New England Patriots going out and signing the 2015 Most Valuable Player Cam Newton to be their potential starting quarterback, Miami may have a new obstacle in the division. The Dolphins, with their franchise QB drafted, and a team that is getting better as each day and season passes, are on the path of a much more promising future. Their next true test comes as they handle another new obstacle from a division foe.

Darnold Not Providing Wins With Limited Options

The Jets on the other hand have not shown signs of improvement or promise that could pay off in the long run. QB Sam Darnold still has not found the right offensive pieces that can help produce more than seven wins in a season like they were able to do in 2019. With the Dolphins on the verge of having a better season than the Jets, the standings will look to pit the Jets at the bottom of the AFC East.

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Parker Must Continue Big Play, Scoring Abilities

Parker made a big leap in 2019. Looking at his performance during last season, the only improvements Parker has to make include being on the receiving end of more scoring plays that can push him to the double-digit scoring threshold. He can also continue to provide that veteran leadership the league saw last season to his team moving forward. 

Perriman: List of Many, Obtainable Improvements

Perriman has a lot of improvements he needs to make in order to become a more productive WR. With a young offense looking for a consistent offensive weapon, Perriman will need to work on getting more playing time and truly being a No. 1 WR. He has shown to be able to gain big yards on plays, he just has had not enough opportunities to show that.

Perriman also needs to show he can be beneficial in the short-field and help a struggling New York team extend drives. With more playing time with his new team, that looks to be bolstering his value in the WR corps, he can prove to be that player that the Jets need. If not, he’ll open the door to rookie Denzel Mims who was drafted in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Parker’s Rapport Easily Wins Him Day

Parker, being the main guy offensively for the Dolphins, will be able to exploit the Jets defense with the help of a more improved offensive line. Perriman on the other hand will not be able to really help his team score against an improved defensive line. This receiver matchup is one that is not going to be tight like the others have been up to this point.

Who will have the better performance in weeks 10 and 12? Likely Parker because of his experience and effectiveness as a receiver. History is on his side as well, with the fact that he will be the No. 1 option again for a team that knows him. Perriman is simply just the new kid on the block right now.

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