MLB is not having the best time with its COVID-19 testing process and some teams have not received all of the proper safety gear.

When the initial testing numbers came out MLB seemed to be in decent shape. The percentage of players was not high and it appeared that this was a situation that could be relatively controlled.

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The problem is that not all the test results had come in at the time of this tweet from ESPN’s Buster Olney.

The San Francisco Giants had not even completed their testing when the numbers were reported. It seems like MLB was trying to get out ahead with an initial low number to make things look better than what they really are. San Francisco was not the only team with this issue, Oakland is also a team that has not received their results back. However, this seems to be due to the July 4th holiday.

Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle provided two bits of information Sunday. The first being the fact he has not received his test results back.

The second being that safety equipment that was supposed to be in place for the team to use is not there.

If MLB is not able to ensure that testing is done properly and that the proper equipment is in place it will be quite difficult for the season to take place. That is assuming the season even starts to begin with. A possibility that only seems to be growing as each day passes.

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